Something we've tried to cover up for years is now cool!

Grey hair is just inevitable in life and when we least expected it, a little grey hair appeared and then more and more followed. Some of us cover up the greys in vain, while others embrace the grey. But no matter what you do about your grey hair, nothing could have possibly prepared us for this: grey hair is now considered cool amongst the younger generation!

One would think that a 20-year-old with a full head of grey locks would be criticised or looked at oddly, but it appears that there’s a new trend that’s taking off and grey hair is actually very ‘in’.

The trend is affectionately known as ‘Granny hair’ and many models are dyeing their hair silver in order to look beautiful – who’d have thought!

This couldn’t be better news for us over 60s, male and female, and just goes to show that silver hair can look stylish and is no longer something to be hidden, but celebrated.

Some have criticised the new trend, though, and have said that it is insulting and makes a mockery of those who have hidden their greys for so long. We just think it’s great, if we’re honest!

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Here’s some examples:

Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 2.18.16 pm
Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 2.18.47 pm


What do you think? Is the new grey hair trend cool or silly? Is it insulting to see younger people dyeing their hair grey? Tell us below.