Some of our favourite lollies are getting the chop!

Are you red frog or a green frog kinda person? If it’s the latter, you’re one in only 10 people who prefer the chewy amphibious sweet in its more natural colour.

Unfortunately, there’s bad news for green frog lovers, as these are one of the lollies Allen’s has decided to discontinue.

Margaret Stuart from Nestle, which own Allen’s, told the ABC, “We have deleted Spearmint Leaves and also the Green Frogs basically because they weren’t selling so well,” said. “The Red Frogs are going gangbusters though, they outsell the green by 10 to one”.

As a red-frog person, I won’t miss the rival frog. But spearmint leaves remind me of long, boring car journeys and party bags and the time my sister had one stuck in her hair for a week.

That same sister still requests a bag of spearmint leaves every time I visit her in London.

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Early reports this morning said Sherbies, another favourite in the Starts at 60 office, and Oddfellows Mints would be going the same way, however Ms Stuart has confirmed this is not the case. Red Skins are also safe.

Other lollies have been changed or downsized over the years, including Killer Pythons, which have shrunk – not such a bad thing considering their previous size packs a glycaemic punch.

Mint Patties, also made by Nestle, have definitely shrunk, as have Golden Roughs and Wagon Wheels. Choo Choo bars disappeared for almost 20 years before staging a comeback.


Tell us, are you sad to hear that green frogs and spearmint leaves are no more? Which other favourite lollies do you miss?