Solidarity comes in tricolour on many world monuments

As the world watches on, solidarity is being felt by the French people with countries sharing their heartfelt concern and

As the world watches on, solidarity is being felt by the French people with countries sharing their heartfelt concern and mourning by displaying the French colours in full regale anywhere they can. On national monuments and stadiums, hotels and town halls. The most poignant of all is the tricolour that is being lit up atop the building at One World Trade Center, that was built in the place of the World Trade Centre buildings lost in 2001 to terrorists. The colours bring tears to the eyes when we think of how horrible the aftermath will be for the French when they wake in the morning.

Various hashtags are now trending with a global outpouring of empathy and anger at what the French people have been put through and an understanding of how emotional the mourning will be from here.

The Americans and the English know more than most the horrors of mass-terror events, and their warmth is beautiful. Vive La France!

The Empire Trade Building is also alight with a tricolour salute.



San Francisco’s hall is also lit up with tricolours

Wembley has also lit up in French colours

  1. While this may seem trivial to some, a show of solidarity world wide hopefully will be some comfort to all Parisians, if not the world.

  2. I like many feel in shock over this, 7 individual places were attacked and over 120 killed that they know of so far, I need time to take this in before I comment, there is much mourning and sadness in Paris at this time, may they all Rest in Peace

  3. Will our Harbour bridge or our opera house light up tonight?

  4. Solidarity and empathy after the event is little consolation. When one has been suckered into taking in all these poor people. I do acknowledge that they are poor people but unfortunately I also believe that the fundamentalist are using their own people to gain sympathy and gain entrance.

    • I agree with you Anne. Maybe we are not the horrid nation for not accepting them all.

    • Since when did being a healthy strong young male make a person a terrorist? If this is the case then every nation on earth has an insurmountable problem with the security of their nation. A very poor defined of a terrorist. These people – irrespective of their gender, health, physical health or dare I say it religion are trying to escape the tyranny that has invaded their country and their daily lives. This is the same tyranny we are trying to eradicate so in reality “they” are on the same side as we are.

    • Ruth Hoffman Sorry Ruth but I am inclined to go with Bronwyn. Invasion by stealth is what I feel is happening. Invasion these days is much more sophisticated, no longer men with guns storming the country. Also I do believe these people are not beyond using their own people to gain the sympathy of the world and thereby gaining them easier access.As for the young men I find it disconcering that they are fleeing, running from the conflict that is destroying their homes. How many young men from all over the world ran towards the conflict in order to protect their homes, their loved ones and their way of live the last time radicals tried to take over the world. Are we going to wait until it gets to that stage again before we admit how huge the problem is.

    • Anna, following WW2 many countries opened their borders and their hearts to the refugees fleeing from conflict that had ended. They did so in sympathy of what those seeking a new life as Refugees. They were not, as a one, branded as being the perpetrators of the evil indicted at that time and rightly so. To brand the refugees of today as all being terrorists simply because they were raised to a different belief system to you is very unjust and feeds the perpetuation of violence that is insidiously creeping into our world. We need to unite against these terrorists who have no respect or concern for anyone, irrespective of who they are or what they believe, that they come across. These are true terrorists as they have no qualms killing, raping and torturing their own just for the fact that they can. These true terrorists need to be eliminated but we must not confuse those trying to live in peace with them.

    • Yes “true terrorists need to be eliminated” but how is that going to happen if instead of staying to fight and protect all the strong and healthy young men and women flee. Everyone seems to keep missing the point. Our young men and boys left the safety of Australia to ensure that Australia was going to stay free. In retrospect they probably should have stayed here and not bothered.

  5. An attack like this is an attack on all of us. We need to stand united against this evil. Condolences to everyone who has lost loved ones, prayers and strength to those injured, those working hard to rescue them and maintain safety, and to everyone in Paris at this time

  6. it seems that the long reign of peace has now been disrupted, we now live in a chaotic world . a world of hatred , conflict and disunity. god save us…..

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