Social media stunt leaves Brisbane man in hot water

A "harmless" livestream could end up costing more than the price of the pay-per-view.

Pay television for a lot of folks is out of the budgetary question.  There are more important thing to spend their money on.  With no much attention around the boxing rematch between Danny Green and Anthony Mundine, a lot of people didn’t want to fork out the dollars to watch, so that’s where this “legend” took over.

Brisbane man, Darren Sharpe, paid to watch the fight in his lounge room on Saturday night and thought that he would livestream it on Facebook to some of his mates so they could watch it together.  The stream went viral with thousands watching the livestream and Foxtel is going to take legal action.

In a statement released to the media, Foxtel stated, “What occurred last night on Facebook is stealing, and it’s harmful to the future of boxing and live sport”.  They also promised, “appropriate legal action will be taken”.  During the livestream, Mr Sharpe received a call allegedly from Foxtel telling him to stop streaming on Facebook.

The man on the phone told Mr Sharpe, “I want you to stop streaming it on Facebook. You can keep watching it at home; there’s no dramas with that at all”.  Prompted by how many viewers he had, Mr Sharpe said that he wasn’t doing anything wrong. 

While it seems mostly harmless there is a serious side to it as under the Copyright Act, if Foxtel decides to press charges, could see Mr Sharpe jailed for five years and could pay thousands in fines.

At least he’s not alone, as another man that did a similar thing before Foxtel shut them both down is also facing the heat.  Both men have taken to crowdsourcing sites to try to raise money for their legal fights.

What do you think about it?  Should they be punished for doing something illegal or should they be left off with a warning?

  1. Davìd  

    Let off with a warning foxtel dont own the airwaves they only play repeats anyway .

    • I agree, with all the publicity over this matter it is clear now to the public that this is not on. He thought he was only sending it to a few friends, but unbeknow to him many thousands tuned in. So let him off with a warning.

    • was asked to shut down and said”I’m not doing anything wrong” If he wan’t then do one would have phoned in. Didn’t shut down so now the consequences

  2. Grant  

    He was breaking the law and should have known that. Hope Foxtel throw the book at him.

  3. Philip Rodger  

    The laws are so soft now, a bunch of lawyers will make heap$ and they guys will get off with suspended sentences.
    Just give them a slap on the wrist. It was a one off event and they had a rush of blood to the head. No real harm done, the viewers weren’t going to pay to view Foxtel anyway.

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