Small dogs suffer from short mans' syndrome

It is something that is often wondered about. Why do smaller dogs seem to bark more and can sometimes show signs of more aggression than their larger companions?

According to a University of Sydney study it has found that 33 of 36 undesirable characteristics can be associated with height, body weight and skull size of dogs.

The scientists found, “When average body weight decreased, excitability and hyperactivity increased.”

The study, examined owners’ of 8000 dogs from across 80 breeds.

They found a trend that smaller breeds have a higher incidence of being untrainable, anxious, pushy, jealous and attention-seeking. They are more likely to beg for food, bail up their owners, mount people, roll around in poo and leave smelly messes in the corner when left alone.

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The scientists also investigated the relationship between skull shape and behaviour and found that long-skulled breeds like Afghans and whippets were more likely to stare compulsively, steal food and terrorise other dogs.

Ultimately the researchers have said that more study is needed to determine whether nature or nurture makes smaller dogs more naughty. Perhaps it is humans who are more tolerant of bad behaviour of smaller dogs which affects their development?

They have said that the behaviours of small dogs may be a result of their being overindulged and over protected.

What do you think? Do you have a dog? Large or small? Do you find their behaviour different to other dogs?