Slimming tricks to look great in every photo

Not everyone likes having photos taken of themselves and more often than not the reason is because they feel they’re

Not everyone likes having photos taken of themselves and more often than not the reason is because they feel they’re not photogenic or just catch take a good photo. This is not true! It could be as simple as making a few corrections to your stance and angle to enhance your best features.

Celebrities know how to work their angles for the best shots, and if you’ve ever seen them caught off guard you’ll know how different they can look.

So we’ve found the insider tricks to taking a great photo every time in your 60s.

1. Don’t face front on to the camera

It’s a natural reaction to look directly at the camera and turn our body towards it, but don’t. Shift your feet slightly. Ideally, you should lean slightly back with your weight on your rear foot and angle one hip forward, then relax.

2. Boobs out, bellies in!

When standing, bring your bum in while tightening your stomach muscles at the same time. Lift your shoulders up and back then stick out your chest.

3. Shoulders

Drop your shoulders as far down and back as is comfortable, then move your whole head forward and angle it slightly (tilting your head makes you look more attractive).

4. Get rid of double chin

Minimise a double chin by slightly rotating your body to the right while looking left with your face. Push your chin slightly out toward the camera to stretch your neck and avoid a double-chin. Press the back of your tongue to the roof of your mouth to pull your double chin up!

5. Position your arms

Many celebrities use the hand-on-hip pose and for good reason. This slims the body and elongates! It can look casual and natural too, so try it and see how it looks. If you don’t like it, try holding your arms out from your sides to avoid the ‘smooshed’ arm look.

6. Look for a pattern

If you have some favourite photos, see what pattern they have. Do you look good on a certain angle or side? Were you smiling or closed mouth? You can use these poses time and time again!

7. Find your best side

Some people know their best side while others have no idea. The easiest way to tell is to have two photos, one taken on each side. Almost everyone’s face is slightly asymmetric. People tend to turn the side they sleep on away from the camera as that’s often more wrinkled.

8. Don’t smile too hard

It’s easy to tell when someone’s face smiling – they don’t look natural and they’re overdoing it. When you’re naturally smiling, your eyes crease and it looks very relaxed. Next time you have a photo, try to laugh before you have it taken. This looks wonderful and youthful.