Are you a single female baby boomer? We’ve got wonderful news for you!

There’s a far too common misconception that as we get older, we enjoy life less and less and in fact become unhappier, especially those who are single and retired. But when it comes down to scientific fact, the reality is quite the opposite.

According to research from Del Webb (based in America), 74 per cent of baby boomer women are as happy or happier as they were at age 35 and 45 per cent also believe that the best years of their lives are yet to come. 37 per cent are also single women and 76 per cent of those women feel more empowered now than they did at the age of 35.

When we stop to reflect on our lives past and present there are a whole lot of things that contribute to making 60 such a wonderful age and right now such a fantastic time in our lives.

We called out a while ago and asked the Starts at 60 community what they love most about being over 60. From the answers we received, we can see there are three big things that make this time in our lives absolutely awesome!

We’ve been through a lot, we’ve had ups and downs and we’ve come out as incredibly resilient people as a result. Starts at 60 community member Bev told us, I have always loved life…age has never been an issue for me but life does change with age and those things have sometimes caused me to shudder! Lol. I love having a bigger family, and the many life experiences that come with it. I love that I can look back over my 62 years and see how the good and bad experiences of my life have moulded me, and gradually changed me into a better person who I am today”.

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We’ve had blows to our confidence in our career, friendships and in our love life but each time we’ve found a way to bounce back as stronger women. Starts at 60 community member Patricia has said what she loves most about being an over 60 is, Being very comfortable in my own skin; the freedom to do as I please in my own home; not caring what people think of me; being asked for advice because people think I’m wise and then not caring if they take it or not; having confidence in my abilities.”

A lot of us have also retired, but it hasn’t slowed us down. Instead we’ve had more time to focus on the things that we love. Starts at 60 community member Tricia said, “I love the fact that I can do whatever I choose. At 65 I am fit and healthy and walk as often as I can to keep fit.”

We find this particularly wonderful news as it means that there is a shift in what the stereotypical older woman looks like and hopefully, the perceptions of society will change before long, too!


Today we want to know, how old do you feel? Is the research correct for you? Do you feel as happy or happier as you were at 35? Take our poll to tell us…

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