Simple trick to keep leftover Christmas ham moist

Do you have some leftover ham from Christmas? Don’t let it go to waste! All you need to do to

Do you have some leftover ham from Christmas? Don’t let it go to waste! All you need to do to keep it fresh and moist is follow the below steps.

Simply take your ham and wrap it in paper towel. Then wrap it in plastic and pop in the fridge. Your ham will stay hydrated and won’t go all hard!

This should keep up to a week longer than it would otherwise.


  1. not much left this year because we had family over. kept mine in a wet hambag( not handbag as my son thought I said) finished it today and dog got bone. nothing was wasted.

    • yes but the dog has been waiting so patiently ha also after all the extra mouths didnt have many veggies left. need to go shopping again next week.

    • ok probably get buried anyway. she is 12 years old I dont think it is problem she had them every year..

      • Cyn  

        My general rules regarding bones. Bones are good for dogs. Cooked bones splinter. Raw bones do not. ‘Raw meaty bones’ are really, really good for dogs. You can read up if curious.Still, if you dog is a gulper and may greedily try to swallow the whole thing, don’t feed bones. Lastly watch the bone gnawing. Only let it happen while you’re in the room so you can intervene if necessary.

    • I read on Facebook must not give ham or hambone to dogs. I would think salt content would be a problem.

  2. I always wrap it in a wet tea towel and keep it in the fridge. Re-wet the tea towel if it dries out. Lasts for ages!

  3. We still have ham left over. We bought a ham bag, and the meat is still tasting great.

    • I got a ham bag this year and soaked bag in vinegar and water, the ham was dry and smelly 3 days later. I will leave it in a plastic bag next year like I have always done. The dogs next door have had a good feed.

  4. I also use a handbag soaked in vinegar and water. Keeping jam in

    • Margaret W  

      Me too. Vinegar and water hambag. Use ham all year round. Much nicer than sliced ham which tastes like cardboard!

  5. I prefer to dampen a teatowel with water then splash vinigar over the teatowel put the skin back and wrap the ham in the teatowel keeps for ages. My daughter said slice it and freeze it. I havent tried that yet

    • i do that when we have a lot over. cut good size ham steaks and freeze. never had any problems doing that. nothing left this year unfortunatly after family stayed. lovely though.

  6. I always use a hambag soaked in water and vinegar then squeeze out the excess, when finished I put the bone in the freezer for soup in the winter. It’s great and no waste.

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