Signs you're an over 60 drama queen

Some people live their life like they are trying to make it fit as part of a movie, while others live like they want nothing and need nothing! All of us have known drama queens in our lives… but have you ever stopped to wonder whether you are one?

Drama can be an awesome part of life, when you’re watching from the sidelines. But when you are living it and breathing it through the behaviour of those around you, it might not seem so nice.

It seems that the ‘Drama Queen’ ways are not just there for teenagers… Here’s 7 signs you’re an over 60 drama queen…

1.  You can’t wait to ring distant friends and relatives to discuss the ailments and opportunities of family members and friends and their seriousness

Do you find yourself wondering who you can call to discuss your nephews recent concerning health diagnosis, wanting to find out more and making it into something that is relevant to you? Or perhaps your friend has just got a new boyfriend you think isn’t right and you need to tell all those who will relate. You might just be heading for drama queen status!

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2.  You personalise things that happen to others, that aren’t really that personal to you. 

We see this often when a Hollywood star that everyone loves dies, or an acquaintance is diagnosed with a terrible disease or challenge. Or perhaps when someone’s ex husband smiles at them and is pleasant at a child’s wedding. The drama queen will always want to talk about it as though their husband has decided to reunite, or as though they are the only one who has lost that Hollywood star. Can you relate?

3.  You feel ripped off and need to talk about it

Do you feel constantly like the world is mistreating you and that you deserve more, and find yourself ready to challenge people? Dread or fear of being mistreated, or imagining that you are being used or taken of advantage of is a common trait most drama queens share. It can, in some cases, be very real. But in a drama queen’s mind, it is regularly a concern.

4.  You find yourself constantly emotionally overwhelmed

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A serious drama queen will feel great joy at the rising of emotion and the adrenalin it contains. Changes to stimuli or breaks in routine can be troublesome for the drama queen, and it can be quite addictive. Emotional energy for a drama queen is a high-flying moment.

5.  You take on too much

Do you find yourself volunteering to drive a lot of peoples’ happiness? Perhaps you’re the convenor of the open day or the organiser of a party or charity event and find yourself immersing so deep that you are smothered by it and it is all you end up with going on in your life. It can leave you drained with little left to give to others at the end… but drama. Drama queens love to take on too much!

6.  You are totally obsessed with the way you look

Appearance is important, but quite frankly, it isn’t everything! If you find yourself having to dress up to go fetch milk from the shop, or having to pop in on a close friend, or fear meeting her on the way, you might just be carrying the drama queen with you! We all want a little grooming in our life, and that isn’t a bad thing… but living your life as though you must look like a movie star is taking it way too far.

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7.  Yours is always bigger and better than theirs

I remember a girl at school who had always done everything you had before you did it, and she always had a more melodramatic story. Today, many women I know compete unconsciously for better holidays, better grandchildren stories, or higher achieving adult children. Live and let live I say… rather than living in drama and comparison. But others really enjoy the comparison!

While it is terrific to be the life of the party, and there when you are needed for everyone in your life, the life of a drama queen is not always that easy. In fact, being dramatic about things can eventually take a significant toll on you and those who are subjected to your drama. You may even find people treading on glass around you in fear the wrong thing will set you off.  Not only that, you will also find you are drained from all the effort.


So tell us today the worst stories of the drama queens around you… or if you are indeed one of these drama queens.