Signs your drinking might be out of your control

It’s never going to be a fun conversation to have, but there are signs that your drinking, or the drinking of someone that you care about, is getting out of hand. What could start off as a cheeky drink can, over time, become a problem that will need to be addressed? Here are some tell-tale signs that you, or someone close, might be drinking too much.

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Hanging for that drink
Almost everyone has had a bad day when they think “A drink would go alright right now.” But what about when you are having a good day? Are you still handing for that drink? Do you find yourself looking at the clock counting down until you can have a socially acceptable drink? It could be a sign that you are using alcohol to self-medicate but with alcohol being a depressant it could end up making it worse. If you are looking forward to a drink more than seeing family or just relaxing, alcohol could be taking over your life.

Toilet Troubles
Are you going to the bathroom more than once a night? Do you have diarrhoea regularly? It could be because of drinking. Experts say that excess drinking can lead to watery stools because your body is unable to absorb that much liquid. If those stools are also hard to flush away because of a sticky nature that could point to some liver problems.

Alcohol also suppresses a hormone that causes the body to produce more urine which could explain why you are taking more frequent trips to the toilet. A darker urine is another indicator of too much alcohol as it dehydrates the body.

Bad sleep, being forgetful, and grumpy
Drinking might be helpful in getting to sleep, but the effect that it has on the body causes fragmented sleep. Fragmented sleep leaves you tired, grumpy, and can also make you forgetful. Prolonged exposure to hard drinking can make your brain “forget” how to sleep and cause insomnia. If you have a hard time sleeping giving up alcohol could make a huge difference.

Bad teeth and a “healthy” tan
“Have you been on holiday? Your skin looks tan.” If you haven’t been on holiday, that tan could be a mild form of jaundice that is an early sign of a liver problem. The easiest way to check is to check the whites of your eyes for any sign of yellowing as it is more noticeable there in the early stages. Alcohol also can ravage your teeth. Red Wine is the main culprit as it stains the inside of your teeth as they are closer to the tongue. If you are a white wine or beer drinking you might suffer from more cavities as it erodes tooth enamel.

Drinking may or may not have become a problem in your life, but it’s good to be conscious of its effects. If you think you might have a problem, it’s recommended to talk to a professional or your doctor about your treatment options.