Should Australia put a tax on this favourite food?

We all love a sugary treat in the afternoon, despite what it does to our waistline, but a new tax could
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We all love a sugary treat in the afternoon, despite what it does to our waistline, but a new tax could see the price of a piece of cake skyrocket.

After a huge campaign by celebrity chef Jamie Oliver, Britain is considering putting a tax on sugar. The idea is that an increased price on soft drinks, cakes and biscuits will stop people from stocking up on sweets at the supermarket.

The idea has piqued the interest of some Australians, leading us to ask: should Australia put a tax on sugar?

It’s no secret Australia is currently in the throws of a huge (pardon the pun) obesity crisis, with 63% of adults overweight or obese. So is a sugar tax enough to make us put down the lamington and get our health on track, or is it just the government finding a way to hike up taxes?

Since sugar is found in most food we eat, it’s not known how the tax will work in the UK or in Australia if it was adopted here. Some of the most obvious items to be targeted would be soft drinks, lollies, and chocolate, while a tax other foods such as bread, tinned tomatoes and yoghurt would no doubt be met with protests.

Advocates say the proof is in the pudding and a successful trial of a sugar tax in Mexico saw soft drink consumption drop by 12%.

Is it fair though for governments to put a tax on our food? Should we be able to choose what we eat without forking out extra dollars at the checkout?

Jamie Oliver received an enormous amount of support for his campaign for a tax on sugary drinks in Britain, with over 150,000 signing the petition, which makes us wonder if people in Australia feel the same way.

Do you think Australia should put a tax on sugar? Would you cut down on sugary items if the price increased?

  1. And where will this extra tax money be spent?…not on health care I bet..just another way of grabbing more money from us, bloody hell it’s a pain if we can’t even have a treat now & then without being taxed extra for it as well, 😩..we are being told almost every day something is unhealthy for us, may as well put extra tax on everything.

  2. Jamie Oliver should worry about his own country, what we do here has nothing too do with these Pommies, we are over taxed now

  3. Sugar is noxious but why should a tax be the way to deal with overuse? Try education! Taxes are not the way to go to get people healthy ffs.
    This would be just one more grab at our purse-strings.

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