Woolworths caves in after record number of complaints

You’ve got to feel sorry for whoever it was who thought Woolworths customers would prefer a convoluted rewards system based

You’ve got to feel sorry for whoever it was who thought Woolworths customers would prefer a convoluted rewards system based on a pretend currency than the program they signed up to and enjoyed for years.

Woolworths faced a massive backlash when it proudly launched its brand-new rewards card, replacing the ability to earn frequent flyer points with Qantas. This post that customer Scott Mate posted on Woolies Facebook wall went viral and echoed the sentiments of many:

I’m probably just ranting,
I used to love Your rewards card. Until it’s so called upgrade………..
I was an average spender of $200 to$300pw for the basic fact I’d get weekly bonuses of $20 to $30 on my purchases to be spent on my next shop or some random midweek items.
I’ve had the new upgraded “REWARDS” for now a few weeks and have earned a whopping accumulation saving of $4.80 on an amount of shopping in excess of $1000.00…. ( previous returns of 80+ dollars.)
Sadly your little orange tag sales items ( That the new card now totally depends on .) just don’t cut it, cause they’re now less common than hens teeth, unicorn horns and rocking horse poop.

Yet, I must thank you, You have opened up my eyes, Enabling me to shop smarter and take my regular business to the local butcher and fruit and veggie bloke.

Ok, end rant, gotta run, need milk and bread and Coles is just around the corner too.

While the new rewards card and “Woolworths dollars” are here to stay, people power has won one important battle, with the supermarket and Qantas today announcing that shoppers can now redeem their dollars for frequent flyer points.

Fairfax Media reports that every 10 Woolworths dollars can be exchanged for 870 frequent flyer points. Under the previous program, $30 spent at Woolies earned one point.

Are you happy with this 180-degree turn by Woolies?

  1. I suppose the new rewards system Woolies have bought in has made a lot of unhappy people but it doesn’t worry me because l didnt use the frequent flyer points anyway.

  2. Not really. Have already transitioned across to Coles for 90% of my shopping.

    • Me too.I have started to plan my weekly shopping at the nearest Coles 40 minutes away. Our local Woolies will get less business from me these days.

  3. Total waste of time if you live in Tasmania – we cannot use the Woolworths rewards cards here. We used to be able to use them at BigW but that system was dropped some months ago. We have a long-standing frequent shopper program and the reward is a voucher at Christmas that can only be spent at Woolworths or BWS. I would prefer to be able to send my points to Qantas Frequent Flyer but in Tassie we do not have that option.

  4. Doesn’t affect me at all as I refuse to deal with a company that treats it’s employees,contractors & suppliers with such contempt!

  5. Good that we can still use the cards for Qantas Frequent Flyer points.

    • Work out how much it costs you to get $10 worth of rewards and then you’ll see how much that 870 points is going to cost you compared with what we were getting previously.

    • Well you know what they’re all gimmicks, I haven’t used the other one for many years. Having cheaper groceries, that’s good, but so is having a trip, if one so desires. I’m still a member of Qantas Frequent Flyers.

  6. I was never a user of the Everyday Rewards card for Qantas FF points. I used it for the petrol discount and they had some great instore discounts with the card as against the new sometime in the future reward. The worst aspect is that everything I buy at Coles goes towards Flybuy points plus the same petrol discount. Go Coles.

    • We could not use the Everyday Rewards card for petrol discounts in Tassie – our vouchers were printed on the bottom of our receipt if we spent more than $30. And we could not use the Everyday Rewards card when we bought groceries or items from BWS. The terms and conditions for the cards should be available Australia wide.

    • Or maybe Tassie is ahead of the rest of Australia. Having read the comments on here about how difficult it is to get a few QFF points with the new card, Tassie shoppers may be better off – we get $10 voucher for every $1,000 dollars we spend at Woolworths – the only problem is it can only be spent at Woolworths or BWS.

    • Used my FF points from Wollies to go overseas twice now with the family. Do not like the new system as for the Orange discount dockets is like winning OZ lotto highly impossible

    • Chris Patrick we too have used our FF to go overseas, twice and have valued our opportunity to get QFFP on our Woolies card. So disappointed that they have decided to change. The man who did this needs to be sacked. Look at the millions of dollars they have spent doing this. What a waste!

  7. It’s a start … but they need to get rid of the ‘specials’ we supposedly have to buy to get a discount! They are a rip off! Just go back completely to the old rewards card Woolworths!!!

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