Trolley wars to heat up as speculation increases new supermarket will launch in Australia

There’s increased speculation a new discount supermarket is set to launch in Australia, which could see cheaper prices as competitors

There’s increased speculation a new discount supermarket is set to launch in Australia, which could see cheaper prices as competitors like Coles, Woolworths and even Aldi try and retain a share of consumer spending.

It’s been reported that German discount supermarket Lidl is applying for trademarks across hundreds of products and is reaching out to suppliers.

A competitor to Aldi throughout Europe, Lidl has made no formal announcement on whether it will come to Australia, yet the dozens of trademarks for products like tea, cereals and confectionery this year in addition to its telecommunications and brewing trademark applications, have led industry experts to speculate it will only be a matter of time.

David Potts, a personal finance writer, told Fairfax Media the trolley wars are real.

“Our supermarkets, our duopoly [Coles and Woolworths], is one of the most profitable in the world and they’re having to lower their prices because of competition from Aldi,” he says.

Aldo has been in Australia for at least 15 years, with a number of outlets across the country.

Potts says that where an Aldi is located within 1km of a Coles supermarket, prices have been recorded as dropping by a minimum of about 5 per cent, which means shoppers are getting savings to their grocery bills.

While Aldi has been found to be up to 50 per cent cheaper, it does not have the diversity in its product range that can be found in Coles or Woolworths.

The rumour Lidl has been coming to Australia is not new however, if it does the news for shoppers is positive.

Where do you do the bulk of your shopping? Do you think Australia needs another supermarket?

  1. Stephanie Cocks  

    Bulk of s/market shopping is done at Coles. Used to be Foodland, but I am sorry Foodland, Coles prices are better, anbd the $ only goes so far.
    BUT Coles, not happy with the number of Coles personnel doing home shops with huge black ‘trolleys’ too many of them in the store taking up way too much aisle room. I don’t have the time to be dodging trolleys, I want to get shopping done and out of the store soon as.

  2. Leslie Whittet  

    All right for all of you smug mainlanders – we so desperately need Aldi in Tasmania which, by the way everyone, is part of Australia!

    • Janis  

      Yes, well a Comany like Aldi would’ve done ‘demographic’ investigations’ , & obviously Tasmania doesn’t ‘cut the mustard’ for them, ie unprofitable!

      You can wish all you like, but unless there’s a B I G profit to be made, companies’ won’t go there!

    • NOLA  

      Everything is more expensive in Darwin as well. Be good to get Aldi here

  3. Khris  

    Would not go to an IGA store if you paid me…..and for those who shop there and brag about what the stores give your groups: Where do you think the money comes from…NOT out of the goodness of their hearts.
    As for Lidl, the last I read was that they were going to concentrate on the US of A first, as it was a larger market.
    But who knows, only time will tell.

  4. Roy Gavin  

    Aldi has only recently come to SA , before it was Coles for groceries / specials and the butcher and greengrocer.
    Now it is Aldi around every third week with a dive into the nearby Foodland for the specials, and even the odd week at Woolies for the stuff Coles no longer stock.
    Woolies actually rang up the tape correctly last time – first time ever!

  5. Julie  

    Mmmm….I often wonder if the people shopping in wholly owned German supermarkets with minimal staff are the same people whinging about not enuf tax money to increase their pensions or a job shortage because of self service checkout or supermarket milk n jumping on the “patriotic” Hansonites band wagon about foreigners ?????…..yes people confuse me…..

    • peter.w.cherry  

      makes you wonder -with your ideals that you would buy from the two supermarkets that have ruined the milk farmers to give you 99 cent a litre…………………….???????????? ruined farmers by not paying enough to cover the price of seed and water. to grow the veges..

      • Julie  

        As only 25% of milk is for the national drinking market n the supermarkets take up a very small proportion of it , it was the drop in the world market due to over supply of the big seller….powdered milk….it’s used in everything from baby formula to all our baked goods…..that caused the issue….n the last time I went into aldi the milk was cheaper than Coles so I really don’t see an argument for supporting a large wholly foreign owned company ……

  6. I agree with Leslie Whittet, I now live in Albany W.A. We dont have Aldi or even Big W. so Yes Anyone who wants to come here and open up are Welcome.

  7. Guy  

    I do wish we could stop fixating on supermarket prices. By that constant pressure we are contributing to the shameless way the supermarket companies rip off the farmers, rendering whole rural industries under threat of bankruptcy. What they have done to the dairy industry should be criminal, they have tried to do it to the egg industry, and that rot will spread further. When we can no longer provide our national food supplies, I hope you don’t all think that food imported from China will be either cheap or clean/green?

  8. J Taylor  

    I manage to find more Australian made quality products at Aldi than any of the othe three supermarkets. However I do purchase Australian grown frozen veg from Coles not sure whether they are cheap or not, but I try to buy Australian goods as much as possible.

  9. im glad if lidel come here woolies coles have it good to long

  10. colin  

    totally wrong to encourage these foreign owned companies to come here , shift profits offshore . importing the goods. not very much in Aldi has made in Australia, the amount in the packages are generally smaller spa have no idea why people keep saying how great they are and as for the staff’s sour attitude

  11. Brian Lee  

    I read in the press last week that Lidl had changed their minds and were no longer coming here, going into the States instead. Which story is the real one?

  12. Janine  

    I’ll stick to Woolies’.
    Now they’ve seen sense, at long last, & brought QANTAS FF Points back, I’m getting MORE points than before, plus cheaper prices!

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