Think you’re making the healthy choice? Think again!

During our Christmas road trip, my family and I stopped at a roadside services McDonald’s for lunch. Somehow, we managed to

During our Christmas road trip, my family and I stopped at a roadside services McDonald’s for lunch. Somehow, we managed to navigate the electronic menu, and the women in the family chose to have a salad because, you know, it’s the healthy option and we’d all over-indulged over the holiday.

But are these ‘healthy options’ actually healthy? They are still laden down with fat, salt and flavourings, and the actual salad part is pretty light on. At more than 700 kilojoules (for grilled chicken – we chose fried) a McDonald’s salad is unlikely to help anyone achieve their weight loss goals.

That said, Maccas has come under fire for it’s latest special, the Caesar Salad with Crispy Chicken, which not only sullies the good reputation of the popular superfood, kale, but packs a whopping 22 grams of fat – in the dressing alone.

The salad features kale, crispy-skin chicken, bacon, Parmesan cheese and Asiago Caesar dressing, reports the Daily Mail.

All in all, the salad contains 730 calories (the average daily intake for women is around 2000 calories), that’s 200 more than a Big Mac and more than double the calories of two cheeseburgers.

It contains 53 grams of fat and 1400 milligrams of salt, around two-thirds the recommended daily intake.

Do you choose the healthy option at fast-food restaurants like McDonald’s? Do you think they should just stick to what they do best – or is it good to offer a ‘healthy’ option?

  1. Caesar Salad with Crispy Chicken – 730 calories and 53 grams of fat. What can I say? Polite words fail me.

    • keep doing this calorie thing Robert, is listening to you, I am like a fish out of water at the moment

  2. Why oh why don’t people just cook at home? Then they could pick and choose what goes into their meals – hopefully healthy choices. I haven’t eaten fast or take away food for years. And don’t miss it one bit!

  3. I don’t think it is just Macca’s salads’, the pub salad bars are usually full of an assortment of salads with creamy sweet sauces although most do have just unadorned leaves. The supermarket pre packs I expect are calorie laden. I love Caesar salad but with a creamy dressing, bacon, croutons, egg and cheese I am not deluded enough to think it’s particularly healthy choice. Any healthiness would be in the variety of food types not the calorie count.

  4. If one is going to eat at Maccas, expect lots of calories/fat/etc in whatever you choose to eat.

  5. Why would you choose crispy pieces of chicken when they offer grilled! You don’t even need to put the dressing on,it’s on the side,and the other ingredients are lettuce and tomatoes,just what you’d have at home. The wraps also have the option of grilled chicken and you can ask for half or no sauce if you don’t want to load the calories. These are the options I choose when I travel. Very quick and not unhealthy as far as I can see.

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