Pastel colours of spring are taking a powerful new fashion comeback

The latest range from Chanel Haute Couture’s spring runway show is a throwback to many decades.
See the latest Chanel designs on the runway.

Some would think these are scenes from the catwalks of the 80’s… or the 60’s… or the 50’s…. or even the 40’s.

Believe it or not, they are the latest range from Chanel Haute Couture’s spring runway show, and they are definitely 2017 style.

Power suits in pastel tones, revamped tweed and cinched in wide belts were all the look, and don’t forget the shoulder pads.

Power dressing is really quite simple.


Adding a blazer to any outfit is a good start, as long as it is well fitted and not looking more like a trench coat or weekender padded jacket.

But Chanel has incorporated the modern trend of matching suits, foregoing the cigarette pants that have been popular of late and instead incorporating skirts in varying shapes and lengths.

Hats, detailed collars and the usual Chanel style were all features of of the range.


The pastel tweed suits opened the show during Paris Fashion Week, but variations on the themes will soon be making their way to Australian shores.

What do you think of these fashions? Would you follow this trend?

  1. Judith  

    Thank goodness I don’t have to dress up and go to work any more!

  2. Nancy Brenton  

    Love the style but I think most of us older people are enjoying the freedom of not having to wear restricting under wear so we will have a nice slim line!

  3. Tricia Roberts-Hay  

    What a sad & dull model!! Someone PLEASE tell her how to stand 🙁 Fashion is not much better!!:( 🙁

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