Full list of ‘toxic lettuce’ as authorities warn this is the ‘tip of the iceberg’

Two people are now in hospital, with dozens more sick after eating salmonella-contaminated salad leaves, which prompted yesterday’s mass recall. The

Two people are now in hospital, with dozens more sick after eating salmonella-contaminated salad leaves, which prompted yesterday’s mass recall.

The affected produce comes from a farm operation in Victoria, but the lettuce is sold nationally, hence the Australia-wide recall.

Coles and Woolworths have been forced to strip their shelves of salad bags with 28 confirmed cases so far, one of which is a child.

But the Herald Sun reports that the Department of Health is warning this could be the “tip of the iceberg” (we assume the pun was intended), and is preparing for an onslaught calls from consumers around the nation today.

Senior medical adviser, Dr Finn Romanes has urged anyone who feels ill between six and 72 hours of eating ready-bagged lettuce to immediately seek medical advice to confirm whether they have been infected by salmonella.

“Salmonella infections are pretty nasty and can give you quite a nasty gastroenteritis that involves diarrhoea, vomiting and fever, and can go on for a number of days,” he said.

“We expect the number (of salmonella cases) to go up, and are certainly keen for people to be aware of the products that are affected and not consume them,” Dr Romanes said.

A massive cleanup is now underway at the farm where it’s believed the outbreak occurred.

“We don’t yet have a clear explanation of the contamination that may have occurred but, as a precaution, a full clean-up of the factory has been undertaken,” Dr Romanes said.

Consumers are advised not to eat any bagged lettuce with a use-by date up to February 14.  Sky News provided this full list of recalled products:

  • Woolworths Spinach 100gm
  • Woolworths Rocket 100gm
  • Woolworths Salad Mix 100gm
  • Wash N Toss Watercress 100gm
  • Wash N Toss Sorrell 50gm
  • Wash N Toss Baby Cos 100gm
  • Wash N Toss Spinach 100gm
  • Wash N Toss Salad Mix 100gm
  • Wash N Toss Rocket 100gm
  • Wash N Toss Kale 100gm
  • Coles Spinach 60gm
  • Coles Rocket 60gm
  • Coles Rocket 120gm
  • Coles Spinach and Rocket 120gm
  • Coles Spinach 120gm
  • Coles 4Leaf 120gm
  • Coles 4Leaf 200gm
  • SupaSalad 180gm
  • SupaSalad Green Coral 180gm
  • SupaSalad Supamix 1kg
  • SupaSalad Spinach 1kg
  • SupaSalad Rocket 1kg
  • SupaSalad Baby Cos 1kg
  • SupaSalad Spinach 180kg

Customers can return affected products for a full refund.

We want to know: how many of you had this potentially contaminated lettuce in your fridge? Did you throw it away or will you ask for a refund?

  1. Had some in the fridge and returned it for a refund at Woolworths

  2. We don’t buy bagged lettuce or spinach etc. But am wondering would anyone bother returning it for a refund. Throw it out or put it in the compost or give it to ya chooks.

  3. Maybe “tip of the cos, radicchio, rocket and spinach” as well as “iceberg” lettuce.

  4. I don’t buy banged food and all fruit and veggies I do buy ALWAYS gets washed before eating. When traveling overseas to places like India I never ate anything that wasn’t cooked or able to be pealed. Yes I do think that we are going to see more of this in Australia. The more food is handled the higher the risk of contamination.

  5. Have never bought this pre-packaged stuff. If I remember correctly this has happened before 😒

  6. Threw two bags in the bin yesterday as soon as I heard (and the bins emptied). I’ll bet most people won’t bother returning theirs and again the supermarket doesn’t suffer financially. I hope needy people and people who have to watch their savings can get their money back.

    • I threw mint too, at the end of the day Woolies are the man in the middle it is the suppliers fault really.

    • My bags were Coles brand and as such it was totally THEIR responsibility to ensure the quality control of all produce they sell to their customers, irrespective of who the supplier is.

  7. Well SAS if I was concerned, it’s a bit late now, I used the last of my latest packet yesterday, I found out this news last night, but my saving grace is I wash it when I get it home, then place it into an airtight container in the fridge…

    • Probably saved yourself from another trip to Hospital by doing so Rob always a wise practice to wash anything fresh that comes in a packet I always do common sense.

  8. Are this grown in Australia ? What water are they using sewerage? Can they get the simple things right!

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