Shock horror! These older Australians are admitting they still have sex

Six seniors aged between 63 and 73 are speaking out about their sex lives and what it means to be

Six seniors aged between 63 and 73 are speaking out about their sex lives and what it means to be an older Australian and still have an active sex life. They have opened up about their romantic lives as part of the Sydney Festival show ‘All The Sex I’ve Ever Had‘.

While many people, namely younger more inexperienced people, assume that us ‘oldies’ are passed our prime and not interested in having a little fun under the sheets, these active seniors are telling it how it is and breaking down the somewhat taboo nature of the topic.Β 

Here of some of our favourite quotes from the lively group:

“Everyone has sex. We’re all here because of sex. You shouldn’t be prudish about it.” Peter, 72.

“Young people don’t probably appreciate the contribution you make to everything and that you do have a life that embraces sex. It’s part of the human condition, it’s part of being human, and we want to connect in the same way they do.” Jennie, 73.

“I’ve become really interested, as I grow older, about aging and sexuality, particular the need for activism around people in aged care or those sorts of situations, who are often denied expressing sexuality. Just because we’re getting older doesn’t mean that we’ve lost our interest or capacity.” Paul, 63.

“I just think it’s important to realise that sex can happen ’til we die, and intimacy as well.” Ronaldo, 67.

“The most confronting part was telling my son the name of the show. He just said that he’ll bring some ear plugs and if anything gets a bit icky he’ll just put the ear plugs in until I’ve stopped speaking.” Liz, 65.

Senior, sexy and not afraid to admit it – we salute you!

Do you think we should talk more about seniors and sex? How has your romantic life changed as you age?


  1. That’s nice, lucky them, I might commit suicide thanks.

  2. Good on them I say and its great that they have spoken out great stuff guys if I was still with my husband but we separated 6 years ago on my own now and it don’t bother me not having it

  3. Yah! Let’s hear it for older sex, only thing that’s changed for me is I don’t get as many offers as I did when I was young πŸ˜₯

  4. In our 60’s and as in our case, 70’s we know our bodies well ….and how to use them in creative pleasures.. It’s not all ‘slam, bam’..can be much more satisfying than younger more frantic sex..although it all has it’s place.Older folk have more time to savour and appreciate sensations it seems. What’s more we’ve had a lot of experience ‘under our belts’!! Xxx

    • Victoria Alexandra D’Arienzo The kids know. My step daughter and my step daughter in law have talked to me about all sorts of things for the past 33 years so there are no secrets. I still can’t work out why they chose me but that’s life. πŸ˜‰

  5. Dianne Evans  

    Hope they practice safe sexy as STDs are becoming more commen in older people!

  6. Between the sheets at any age should be intimate but discreet at any age otherwise it’s gross and vulgar, when it’s uninhibited exploits .

  7. Lol, I cannot believe this is a topic. I just assumed regardless of age , if it’s available and your up for it, then you have sex, why not, it’s fun, it’s active, good for your heart and best of all can be loving or at the very least intimate, the funny thing I laugh at how some immature young people think it’s only for them, yet they are aging every day.

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