Shane Warne reckons he has never looked better!

Shane Warne is coming up to the big 5-0 and he thinks he has never looked, or felt better! “I

Shane Warne is coming up to the big 5-0 and he thinks he has never looked, or felt better!

“I think probably at 46 I’m looking the best that I have in my life and I feel great,” Shane said when speaking to TheFix.

Since losing 13kg on I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!, former cricketer Shane Warne says he is at the beginning of a body transformation that will see him fit and fabulous before he reaches fifty.

“One, I’ve got a much healthier lifestyle. Two, I’ve got a fitness regime as well. But three, actually over the last five or six years after being 25 years out in the sun, I take better care of [my skin]. I do scrub myself, I do put moisturiser on, I do put sunscreen on, I go for a facial.

“There’s nothing to be ashamed of, because I’m nearly 50 and if I don’t do anything about it I’m going to look extremely old – and I take pride in my appearance.”

“Forty is the new 30, 50 is the new 40. That’s why everyone’s looking better now…they’re more aware also of how to look after your skin the best way, how to look after yourself better.”

That must make 60 the new 50 right? Of course, Shane has had a little help, admitting he has had Botox, fillers and even hair replacement treatments.

He is now the star of a hair regrowth commercial alongside Greg Matthews, fellow cricket legend.

“When I think back, over the last 11 years, I started looking after my hair, then I started getting fitter and healthier. It’s just been a big flow-on effect,” he says.

Do you think he looks great? Do you have a beauty/fitness regime that you swear by?

  1. Sally Ronaldson  

    Nice to see he’s learnt some humility along the way as well

  2. I think he has had more than a little help. I presume his plastic surgeon is sworn to secrecy!
    He needs to get over himself cause nobody cares!

  3. Joy  

    If i had that much plastic surgery,i would look good too

  4. John Brants  

    Shane is a funny man,but I still like him!

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