Seven rains on Karl Stefanovic and Lisa Wilkison’s ratings celebration

After the news of The Nine Networks’ historic Today show move to the number one morning show in Australia, the

After the news of The Nine Networks’ historic Today show move to the number one morning show in Australia, the Seven Network has been quick to put the cork back in the bottle.

The last major battle ground for television rating supremacy saw Nine issuing a statement of congratulations to Karl Stefanovic, Lisa Wilkinson and crew as the new number one taking the spot from Kochie and Samantha Armytage.

The release from Nine stated, “It marks the first time Today has won the yearly breakfast battle since 2003,” before adding “Today has averaged 317,000 viewers each morning in 2016 (up 5 per cent year-on-year), compared to Sunrise which has an average morning audience of 310,000 (down 5 per cent year-on-year.”

Seven’s defence of their number one spot comes to the realisation that the numbers that Nine is citing are the metro figures and don’t take into consideration regional Australia. A spokesperson from Seven even compared it to taking a “half-time victory lap.”

While this revelation will do little in the way of dampening Nine’s excitement as they even touted that Weekend Today “was on the cusp of claiming rating supremacy over Weekend Sunrise”.

Experts expect Sunrise to be reinvigorated to regain the top spot so viewers of the program should expect some fun new things. It will be a wait and see to see what Today does to keep the new viewers and how far Sunrise will go to get them back, but the winner will be the viewers for sure.

Which show do you like the most? What is it about one thing that makes your favourite show stand out over the competition?

  1. Rosemarie  

    Don’t watch morning tv show’s!

    Boring, repetitive garbage dished out by boring ‘talking heads’ people.

    The fact they actually exist shows the level of ‘intelligence’ of the viewing public.
    It’s a bit of a worry.

    • Yep, only one thing to add there. Sounds like a severe case of the “na-na-nee-na-na”s to me.
      And why don’t the headline writers at SAS read what they endeavour to tippy-tap out on their keyboards … Wilkison?
      The answer lies somewhere among these: (a) they don’t see; (b) they don’t know; (c) they don’t care; (d) they don’t read; (e) they hope their readers don’t do (a), (b), (c), or (d) as well.

    • David Barker  

      Both shows are crap, content only suitable for idiots, hosted by absolute wankers.

    • Doug  

      Get rid of David Koch will immediately rejuvenate sunrise . He has no personality and is not an attractive person to look at. He also comes across as a real dick head.

    • Jan Waltham  

      That’s very condescending.. I have it on very morning..

  2. S.Mooney  

    Love Lisa, but Karl is a nightmare.unpredictable,thinks he is wonderful, would rather Peter anyday… .Also love Samantha on Ch 7

    • Adele Ford  

      I much prefer the Lisa and Karl combination . Both these presenters are experienced journalists
      . The fact is that the Breakfast programme is a light hearted show., of general interest.
      Karl is just being the person that he is, I am a long time Today fan and ai am tired of the knockers.
      So glad they have the reward that they deserve.
      Adele Ford….

    • Margie  

      I agree is a sickening show off. He loves himself too much and I’m sick to death of him. I too would rather his brother Peter.

  3. Dog Vowell  

    Totally agree both shows are low intelligence garbage I stopped watching last year sometime. watching Kochie going Ga Ga over some no talent pop group was embarrassing to say the least.

    • Don Morrrow.  

      Spot on, DOG, SAME here, channel 24 s a mile above most of the time, but shoots itself in the foot on the days when ever choses the content, goes overboard on the o/seas news, yep we need to know what is happening with the towel heads, but some days we have to turn the damn thing off, bit like the way they kept the grind on the reprter who had been taken prisoner, the way they kept n and on lost them a lot of viewer’s, anhow thats my whinge, plus I think Karl must be half fly blown most mornings, when he starts that school girl giggle going, yep, his brother is a much better anoncer but think the show depands to much on these talking heads, instead of the news and the background of the latest news hot story, well thays my sixpence worth, cheers.

  4. Monica Stewart  

    Can,t stand either show,all presenters are so full of their own importance. Give me the ABC morning show anyday.

    • Hillarious  

      Ha! Good one. You jest, surely.

  5. Newton Hill  

    These shows are further examples of the public being fed fluff and irrelevant news articles which keep people’s minds off the real issues and dangers facing us going forward. The articles take the safe road so as not to offend and are passed off as harmless humor. Another example of the public being dumbed down and not given more educational telecasts. Heaven forbid if we had a clever country like years ago.


      Well said Newton, a perfect summary of the abysmal garbage dished out by the commercial channels in the morning.
      The ABC morning show is only marginally better with all their left wing leanings.
      I got just so sick of the inane morning offerings that I now read til 3am and sleep til noon – problem solved !

  6. Merl Lane  

    I hardly ever watch Sunrise, I CAN”T STAND Kochie. Sam is fine. I mostly watch The Today Show, that is if my husband isn’t watching ABC

  7. Carole  

    Neither for me…the abc or sky, cant stand all the ego’s with my news!

  8. Kate Mary Mitchell  

    Always Karl and nine, cannot stand Koch

  9. Strummer  

    Television is boring and repetitive.

  10. Trish Watts  

    Don’t want to watch a particular feature. Switch channels. Same topic (at that same time), different presenter. How does this happen?

  11. Peter Greer  

    Only watch it at the gym as it in front of the treed mill it’s full of repetitive useless garbage

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