Science proves doing this one small thing every day can make you happier...

Being happy is something that we all want, but sometimes being happy can be a difficult task. When everyday stress gets you down, it’s hard to come back up. However, a scientist has proven that doing one very small, very quick and very cathartic task, can in fact make us happier.

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According to the Daily Mail, Dr Stefan Klein who is the author of the book ‘The Science of Happiness’ spoke at the Cheltenham Science Festival and revealed that his decades of study revealed that one thing really does have the power to make people happier. And it’s writing down the positive things that happen every day.

Dr Klein said, “It is incredibly simple – you just sit down in the evening and write down the moments where you feel happy and the circumstances. The object of the exercise is to simply make you more aware of these moments to know yourself better. Even in states of severe depression there are moments of happiness, but the person suffering it doesn’t believe they have these moments in their lives”.

This is one of the biggest issues with unhappiness and depression. There’s an inability to see the good things because your mind would like to dwell on the negative. Happiness occurs when the brain releases endorphins – chemicals that trigger positive feelings – so becoming mindful of the positive things in our lives can contribute to improving our overall happiness.

So how else can you make yourself happier?

  • Exercise more! Exercise releases endorphins, the ‘happy’ chemicals so walking daily or doing some gentle yoga is a great way to give yourself a natural boost.
  • Sleep for a little longer. Getting enough sleep actually settles our emotions and means we’ll be less sensitive or reactive to negative events.
  • Spend more time with family and friends. Human connection and conversation is such an important part of maintaining balance.
  • Help others. Endorphins are released when you feel like you’ve accomplished a goal and similarly, when you feel you’ve contributed to someone else’s happiness.

So tell us today, what makes you feel happy? Do you already write down or diarise happy and positive moments in your life? Share your thoughts in the comments below…