Sad days for magazines

Remember when magazines were something you looked forward to reading? When the anticipation of buying your copy at the newsagent

Remember when magazines were something you looked forward to reading? When the anticipation of buying your copy at the newsagent on a Monday and enjoying it over a cup of tea at lunch was significant? Remember poring over those pictures and giving it an extra read to make sure you hadn’t missed anything? I do.

But, apparently those times are fast declining and as a newsagent’s daughter I find the change a little saddening.

The latest half-yearly circulation figures are out and the slide over the last six months in some of the major magazines’ readership will spin your heads when you compare it with the slide since 2007 when the Internet really hit its straps in content. The slippages in glamorous titles like NW, The Australian Womens’ Weekly and Womans’ Day in fact leave you wondering how some of the smaller titles will survive at all.

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The only magazine in this list to have grown its readership in the 8 years since 2007 seems to be Better Homes and Gardens, and their journey isn’t all strong either with a near 10% decline in the last six months.

I remember a day when these magazines could claim millions of readership, and we would rarely go a fortnight without buying or at least seeing one, when their special features truly were special and our consumption of media could wait a week or a month to be fulfilled.

Oh how times have changed. Are you surprised to see the slide in these magazine numbers?  What magazines do you read regularly?

  1. Because their stupid headlines are nowhere near what the actual facts or articles inside are – duh!!!!

  2. That’s because they are mostly full of unbelievable unsubstantial rubbish that people are sick of wasting money on them.

  3. Well for a start they are too dear, too many add;s, and the try to get you in with Headlines that are totally unrelated to the article, nope, don;t and won;t but them.

  4. I think people are using the internet more to see what’s going on in the world. Personally, I still like to buy the The Australian Women’s Weekly and now Yours Magazine Australia because there’s generally no garbage in them. I used to be an avid reader of New Idea, but I’m sick of them making up stories willy nilly.

  5. I used to buy mags regularly when there was interesting stuff to read but not any more all they are now is expensive pages full of ads and lies about so called celebrities

  6. Only one worth the money Better Homes buy it now and then wouldn’t waste money on others full of adds and rubbish

  7. Maybe if the magazines actually had worthwhile articles instead of rubbish about the royals and uninteresting ”celebreties”, more people would buy them……

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