Woman worries she'll be 'only one left' as close friends pass away

A woman has asked for advice from other grandparents. (Photo posed by model).

A woman has pleaded for advice from other grandparents over fears she’ll be the “only one left” following the tragic deaths of a few of her closest friends.

Opening up on popular grandparenting forum Gransnet, the user revealed six of her friends had passed away over the past seven years, while more are now battling serious health issues in their early 60s. It has prompted a flood of responses from other grandparents, who have gone through similar heartbreak, offering support to each other.

“I had quite a large group of friends up until last year. In the last seven years I have lost six close friends, all relatively young to cancer,” she bravely wrote. “I have recently found out that another really dear and close friend has stage 3 breast cancer.”

Questioning if she’s being “irrational”, she then added: “A lot of my other friends, only in their 60’s also have health issues such as diabetes etc. Sometimes I feel so sad and feel as if I am going to be the only one left.”

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It prompted a huge response from other users, who are experiencing similar worries. While some said they have recently watched close family members pass away, others revealed their grief over their close friends dying around the similar time.

One wrote: “We have been to five funerals in the last 18 months. Two have been the funerals of close friends who died in their 70s of illnesses.” They added: “I think we have to accept that as we get older we will lose people dear to us. Life is precious but not all of us have the privilege of growing older and enjoying full lives.”

Meanwhile, another added: “Most of us are in the age group that means our family and friends are facing the kind of health issues that change lives, or cause earlier death than any of us hope for.”

They added: “It’s one of the challenges of the stage of life we’re at, to face our own health problems and the loss of loved one’s. Lots of loss and the need to enjoy the day and appreciate the joys in life.”

And another wrote: “We never know what’s around the corner for any of us, our friends or worse still our families. Enjoy each day. Don’t sweat the small stuff and be kind to one another. It’s especially sad when someone dies and you’ve never had the chance to say ‘goodbye’.”

Have you experienced this, or are you currently struggling with the same worries?