What have you done for your relationship today?

Something that is never fun to hear, or read, but it sometimes the thing that needs to be realised the most is that you might be taking your partner for granted. It’s so easy to get into a routine that as soon as your wake up in the morning you roll out of bed and head for the coffee machine or more likely for the nearest net device to see what happened in the world while you were sleeping.

Experts have shown that first thing in the morning your blood pressure and heart rate are the lowest they are probably going to be all day. That means you are at your most relaxed. When you are at your most relaxed, you are the most open to intimacy and “that” connection that we have with our loved ones.

It is this time that should be spent with the one you have chosen to spend the rest of your life with to help solidify that connection. Plus, knowing that you are loved, and they know you love them will put the day off to a great start.

Start with a smile
Starting the morning of with a joke, a compliment, or even a “good morning, beautiful” can get any day off to the right foot. It may not be your personal style but even a long morning hug or cuddle can achieve the same effect. It may sound silly or even obvious, but studies have shown that some partners don’t even say “good morning” to each other or say “goodbye” when they head out the door. You would do that to a co-worker, or a friend, why not the love of your life? It truly is the little things.

Settle any argument
So you went to bed angry, or maybe you settled an argument, but sleep has given you a new perspective on the situation. Time to air it out as this is the time that everyone will be the calmest and the most open to feelings and forgiveness.

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Two mugs are better than one
Get up a little earlier, if you have somewhere to be, and make your partner a hot drink while you make yours. Sit down together and talk about your schedules. No distractions, not tech, no TV, or radio, just each other. Even just enjoy each other in silence. Each relationship is different but if you show that you’re making the effort and not taking them for granted, then the day is already going your way.

You might think that this is an article full of obvious suggestions but if you honestly have a look at your week can you say that you did these? Maybe one or two, but did you do them every day? As long as you are making time for your partner, you are making time for the relationship. This is just a reminder to do that today.

What special thing do you do daily for your partner?