What are the secrets to a happy marriage?

Happy couple.
What does romance mean to you?

When it comes to romance in a relationship we all have our own thoughts of what that might mean.

One letter writer to the The New York Times gave his opinion, in response to an article that offered ‘love hacks’ to fix a marriage

The article suggested that if devoting effort to satisfying your partner took ‘too much effort’, you could try a few short cuts like ‘holding hands, even if you don’t mean it’, and to once a week ‘write down a few things your partner has done to invest in the relationship’.

Stephen Gold from Philadelphia said romance does live on, despite what that article implied. Here’s what he had to say.

“Romance in marriages still exists, even though you would not know it from “Easy Ways to Mend Your Marriage” (Science Times, Sept. 26),” Stephen Gold wrote.

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“Is “holding hands even when you don’t mean it” romantic? Try a heartfelt kiss and a big bearhug every day. Before supper, light the candles. A morning cuddle and a good-night cuddle start and end every day.

“Reading The New York Times and writing notes on articles for each other encourages a lot of communication. So does saying “I love you” with a signal known only between the two of you.

“Try a lot of honesty and a lot of respect. Last but far from least, good sex helps a lot, too.”

What do you think. What’s romance for you?