The video every grandparent needs to see

There’s nothing more precious than grandchildren, however if they had a serious accident under your watch, would you really know how to save them?

Research conducted by St John Ambulance in the UK revealed that over 40 per cent of parents have witnessed their own baby choke, and that four fifths didn’t know how to help their child – imagine what number that comes to for grandparents?

Considering that over 40 per cent of young Australian children are being regularly babysat by their grandparents, knowing the skills that could save a life is paramount.

To help us, St John Ambulance put together a wonderful video, called the Chokeables, that teaches us all a vital first aid skill in just 40 seconds.

Using the voices of UK personalities David Walliams, David Mitchell, Johnny Vegas and Sir John Hurt, it is 40 seconds that could save a life.

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So today make sure you watch this and share it with your friends and family – it is valuable information to almost anyone.

Tell us, have you had a health scare while looking after your grandchildren?