The days of scary dads and fearful beaus are over. Or are they?

Holding dads hand.
Dad's have a special relationship with their daughters that doesn't change when they grow up.

Ladies, do you remember the first time you brought a boyfriend home to meet dad? Guys, do you remember what that first meeting was like?

Dating styles sure have changed over the years.

In the fifties it was up to the man to ask a young lady out on a date. 

Ah, the ’60s. Those were still the days when men opened the door for their dates, always paid for the outing, and was rewarded by being able to hold her hand.

Then the ’70s started a more casual attitude towards dating but there was still basic etiquette and good manners required to make a good first impression with the parents.

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Fast forward to modern times and things sure have changed. Where’s the flowers for the mother of the house? Where’s the firm handshake and polite conversation while shaking in your boots worried what her father is going to say? There’s certainly no getting dressed in a good suit for this important occasion any more.

All these ‘rules’ seem to have gone by the wayside, but are the new rules more applicable to modern times?

One dad has recently shared his rules for dating his daughters, and it’s gone viral.

Rather than fearing her father, as was once the case, this dad say’s you should fear them instead.

As he makes it very clear, he’s not raising princesses.

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While many have shared his post, saying they love it, other’s have criticised it’s lack of traditional values.

As one woman wrote in response to his post, “Perhaps a balance would be good being self confident in today’s world is vital but for a woman to have an honourable loving father is also a great blessing.”

Another dad has also expressed his thoughts on the topic, concerned his daughter’s beau doesn’t ‘suck up’ to him enough. Writing for Next Avenue, Kevin Kusinitz said his daughters boyfriend was nice enough, but there were simple things he didn’t do, such as look him in the eye or engage in conversation.

He reflected on his own experience. “Women don’t understand it, but meeting their dads for the first time is a particular kind of hell usually reserved for going before a judge when you’re on trial for a triple-murder rap.  A hangingjudge at that. Because while you’ve just walked through the door, he’s already measuring the noose.”

He said even now he still follows those traditional rules. “I’m now 61, and I still suck up to him.  It’s part of my job description as the man in his daughter’s life. Treats her well. Is a good dad to their child. Sucks up to father-in-law.”

What was your experience of meeting the parents?