Starts at 60 school holidays: Build the best blanket cubby!

School holidays are upon us and for many of the Starts at 60 community, this means one thing… Child minding duty! Some of us absolutely adore having the grandkids around and some of aren’t quite so fussed. But whatever your feelings, we’re here to help you!

This week we’ll be running an awesome, non-technology related activity that you can do with the grandkids every single day! This means you can turn off the TV, computer and video games and instead, spend some quality time with the grandkids where you are actually being a little productive too.

Our first awesome school holiday activity is building blanket forts…


Why are they good for us? Because they provide hours of wonderful entertainment and creative fun.

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Why are they good for the grandkids? Because building things means being creative and gives the left side of the brain great exercise. In today’s world with so much technology and so many processes for everything, kids aren’t given the same opportunity for creative thinking that we were. This will help them to become spatially aware too.

What do you need? To make a fantastic blanket fort you will need a room clear of breakables, a number of old sheets and blankets, pillows and cushions, brooms, furniture and some ropes or chairs.

How can you do it? Make sure you have a room like the lounge room or dining room free of breakables. Pull the furniture out a little so it is all spaced out. Give the kids the blankets, sheets, ropes and brooms and tell them to go for it! Make little pockets and secure the sheets in place like a roof. Litter the inside area with cushions and pillows and hide out for a few hours inside reading stories with the kids. The creation process might take a little while but it will be lots of fun. Just be prepared for the clean up process… But again it is a great chance to work together and practice cooperation skills together!

So have fun making a fun, fantasy world with the grandkids this week! Are you looking after them these holidays? 


sheet cubby