Signs that you are in a beautiful “Bromance”

The term “bromance” is a new age term that described a platonic friendship between two men. A bromance is usually

The term “bromance” is a new age term that described a platonic friendship between two men.

A bromance is usually the first part of the friendship where one is impressed with the attributes of the other.

There have even been studies that have proven that widening your circle of friends has enormous mental health benefits.

The University of Oxford researcher Robin Dunbar told New Scientist “There is now considerable evidence from humans that the size of your social network and quality of your relationships has a massive effect on your health and well-being – more than almost anything else you do”.

The idea of the “bromance” was passed around the Men’s Shed to get some feedback.

“When I first heard the term ‘bromance’ I thought ‘look, I love Murray here, but I ain’t buying him flowers’,” Jack said. “But it makes sen when I first met him I thought he was the best damn woodworker I had ever seen.  I used to show pictures of his work to the misses.  She must have gotten sick of it because she finally told me to marry him.  Some people just can’t appreciate fine craftsmanship.”

Social media was set a light with the bromance between actors Sir Patrick Stewart and Sir Ian McKellen after they became friends on the X-Men movies and started posting hilarious #bromance photos.

Michael is always the quiet one in the shed, but this topic brought him out of his shell as he shared a tale of a new bromance. “I was sitting on the train reading the latest Stephen King book.  I have a thing for the scary books.  This young guy asked me about it, and I told him that I thought it was great.  We started talking about books old and new, and I was impressed with his knowledge.  I had a book club that meets once a month and invited him to it.  Didn’t think he would come but he showed up with some nice cheese and a bottle of red.  Good lad.  He’s come to every book club night since.  He loves to hear our stories, and we love to hear about his life.”

It’s always great to have your friends around, and the allure of meeting a new one is exciting.  A growing friendship is as healthy as a growing garden, plus you can get rid of the friend that’s the weed.  “That’s Kev over there!” the men yelled and cheered at Kevin in the corner.

Have you had what you would consider a bromance?  How has real mateship improved your life?