How many? The Aussie super-gran's brood takes some beating

This 90-year-old supergran has an impressive number of grandchildren. Source: Getty

Once an only child, Beryl Bulman probably never expected that one day she would be part of a huge family, and that much of it would be down to her.

The Rockhampton, Australia resident welcomed her 87th grandchild on Sunday, and is expecting great-grandchild number 52 next month.

The 90-year-old has eight children, 33 grandchildren, 51 great-grandchildren and now two great-great-grandchildren – what a family! 

“I just love them all, I think they are all fantastic,” Beryl told The Morning Bulletin. (The report doesn’t say whether baby number 87 was a grandchild, a great-grandchild or great-great-grandchild!)

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While her eyesight is fading, the Rocky local says she remembers the names and birthdays of all 87 of her offspring, who range in age from 47 to just days old.

According to the Daily Mail, it wasn’t until Beryl’s granddaughter Tegan Green made a family tree, realising her son would be Beryl’s 40th great-grandchild, that Beryl discovered how large her family really was. 

“I had believed he’d be around the 34th grandchild,” Tegan said. “To find out that he was the 40th and now, only three years later, the 51st was just born – it’s crazy.”

Beryl, always a hands-on mother, has continued to play an active role as a grandmother many times over. According to Tegan, Beryl was  “fitter than many much younger people” and could sit cross-legged on the floor with her grandchildren, even in her 80s. And of course, she loved to spoil them! Beryl would frequently organise trips to Brisbane, dubbed ‘Grandma’s Trips’, so she could take her grandchildren to see Disney On Ice. 

Beryl met husband Barry in her teens and married him when they both were 20, but Barry passed away 24 years ago. Proud to have such a “great support base” around her, Beryl loves celebrating Christmas with her family every year. Luckily, all her family live in Rocky, except for one son and his children, who live in Brisbane. 

Beryl celebrated her 90th birthday last September with a big bash organised by her granddaughter. 

How many grandchildren do you have? Could you cope with as many as Beryl?