Mum snubbed from best friend's wedding asks her parents for invite

The bride's friend wanted to surprise her, after being left off the guest list.

A “crushed” mum has sparked debate as she revealed she asked her best friend’s parents for an invite to her wedding, after being snubbed by the bride.

While many people would steer clear after being left off the guest list, this woman hoped to surprise her childhood friend before the ceremony, to get a chance to see her in her dress on the big day.

However, when she approached her parents to ask if it would be possible, she claims they met the request “with hostility”, and she’s now pleaded for advice from other internet users on discussion forum mumsnet.

“After a lot of thought and realising that I would regret it if I didn’t go, I went to see her parents today to ask them if it would be ok if I surprised her by coming to see her before she gets married at the town hall so I could see her in her dress etc,” she wrote in a lengthy post.

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“I was immediately met with hostility and I could tell straight away by their faces that they didn’t want me to.”

Explaining the couple are getting married in France, the writer claims she’s been friends with the bride since the age of four, and despite some fall-outs over the past few years, they’re supposedly close again now.

She claims the mum responded with comments like “I’m not sure if it’s what she would want” and “I don’t know what to say”, and admitted: “I feel absolutely crushed to be honest.”

The bride was the writer’s maid of honour previously, and she says she even came back to surprise her for her own hen do – similar to what she wants to do now.

But is she right to turn up unannounced? Or are the parents right to honour their daughter’s initial wishes?

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It sparked a mixed response on the site, with one person commenting: “You weren’t necessarily being unreasonable to ask, but if she wanted you there she would have invited you. They are being loyal parents.”

Another added: “You’re asking to gatecrash a private event. It’s not like 100 guests are going and you are left out – it’s literally them and her parents. Sorry but YABVU,” while one user wrote: “Seeings as you’ve had a non existent relationship for 5 years only recently they are probably worried something might upset the day. As it’s her wedding I’d think the same as the parents to be honest, sorry! ”

But one wrote: “It’s not up to them surely? Why don’t you just ask your friend?” 

What do you think? Would she be right to turn up, or are the parents right to put her off?