Man breaks silence after refusing to talk to his wife for 20 years

You’ve all been there… Your husband, wife, partner in crime has done something that has downright annoyed you and in

You’ve all been there… Your husband, wife, partner in crime has done something that has downright annoyed you and in response you feel the only course of action is a time out and a bit of the ‘cold shoulder’, but one man in Japan has taken things to the extreme by not talking to his wife for 20 years!

What could she have possibly done?

A television show was on-hand to film the moment Otou Katayama, who lives in Nara in the south of Japan, finally breaks his silence and speaks to his wife Yumi.

The pair are seated on bench in a park while their conversation was being recorded and listened to by their three children who were some distance away.

Katayama explained that the reason he had stopped speaking to his wife was because she had paid too much attention to their children and he felt put out.

“Somehow it’s been a while since we talked,” Katayama says, in what could well be the understatement of the year.

“You were so concerned about the kids. I was kind of … jealous. I was sulking about it.”

The children are filmed crying as their parents talk.

“My father doesn’t talk to my mother but my mother talks normally to him,” the couple’s son Yoshiki told the television show when he asked for their help.

The good news is that Katayama is keen to get the conversation started, and apologised to his wife for his behaviour.

Has there ever been a time where you have stopped speaking to a loved one because of something they did? What do you think of this man’s reason?

  1. Denise Gerrie  

    Omg, why did she stay, is the question l like answered

    • Amelia  

      Yes, Denise, mine too!
      I would’ve been L O N G gone!
      I don’t put up with that type of behaviour from anybody.
      It’s SO childish, & immature, to the max!

    • Nope, she married a Japanese. My previous boss’s husband is Japanese, she often complains that she’s married to a two year old. She doesn’t mind the sulking though, she enjoys the silence. Her mother in-law told her that most Japanese men are like that, his dad is the same, I think it’s a cultural thing. Mind you, my dad can sulk for a week when he doesn’t get his own way and he’s of Irish descent. But their could be a bit of Japanese there on my grandmothers side of the family.

  2. Faye Dapiran  

    What a ridiculous childish man. I cannot understand why she would have stayed with him all those years. How awful for the children – stupid.

  3. Josephine B  

    Seems to me that he wanted his cake and to eat it too, but didn’t want to wash the plate. He’s the one that has miss out on so much, so he made his bed, now let him lie in it. Stupid, stupid, stupid man.

  4. Fran  

    Well at the very least, she had a peaceful marriage……………….!!!

  5. Jeannette  

    I would have been out of that marriage so fast – why do women allow men to treat them with no respect ? mabe she was co dependent – or financially not in the position to leave – who know’s life is too short !

  6. K  

    All seems a little odd as they have an 18 year old daughter so they they did connect at some stage. ( Ha ha! Very silent connection obviously.)

  7. Ian  

    I often don’t speak to my wife. It avoids arguments.
    Women’s faults are many.
    Men have only 2
    everything they say.
    and everything they do.

    • jo myles  

      Sounds like you are in a loveless marriage. You should leave.

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