Joan Collins and husband reveal their bedroom secret

Joan Collins and Percy GIbson.
Joan Collins and Percy Gibson at the HBO Golden Globes After-Party at Circa 55 at Beverly Hilton Hotel on January 8, 2017.

Joan Collins and Percy Gibson have been married now for 15 years.

After a marriage that long it goes without saying there’d be a few little things that niggle them about each other, no matter how in love they are.

Now the pair have both spoken out about a problem the have in the bedroom that many can relate to; snoring.

Collins, 84, said snoring, snorting and guffawing was the most annoying thing about her husband, describing a recent time when she’d been trying to sleep for an hour, when she woke him to complain of his snoring. 

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It’s not just a complaint Collins has about Gibson, because Gibson says the same about her.

“Tchaikovsky could write a symphony with your snoring,” Gibson said, during a television interview, reports the The Daily Mail. “They go from contralto to basso soprano, they go the whole way and fantastic. I should record it sometime and we’ll make a hit single with that. And as a matter of fact, the other night you actually started singing in your snoring. Yes, yes there was a little .. you started singing in your sleep, it was fantastic.”

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Snoring is a common complaint, because any one can snore for many different reasons. The older you get the worse it gets too. It’s amazing how much vibrating tissues in your airways can cause so many problems in relationships.

There are lots of solutions you can try, from dental devices to nasal sprays, weight loss and even surgery. Collins shared her solution, though, was to send Gibson, who is 32 years younger, into another room.

“I will have just been on the point of falling asleep and then I wake up and the adrenaline starts coursing through my body and I very rarely do this, but I did it last night,” Collins explained.

“I said “darling I’ve been trying to go to sleep for an hour and you’re still snoring!” And you said “okay, okay”, and you got up and you went out to the other room, which I thought was wonderful. However you left the door open! The door of the bedroom has to be locked!”

Do you have a snoring issue in your household? What do you do to solve it?