Granddaughter’s tear-jerking surprise for nana with cancer

Madeline uploaded the video of her grandma opening the present to Twitter. Source:

Cancer is one of the worst things to face in the world and for 79-year-old Frances Jones, she didn’t want to do it alone.

Her husband sadly passed away in 2014, but Frances’ granddaughter thought of a clever way to ensure that her husband would be by her side as she began the gruelling chemotherapy to treat her cancer.

Madeline Smith, 22, decided to sew one of her beloved grandpa’s shirts into a blanket and gift it to her grandmother so a part of him would be with her as she faced one of the biggest battles of her life.

In a heart-warming video uploaded to Twitter, Madeline has captured the moment her ill grandmother receives the gift. Frances is sitting on a lounge and can be seen unwrapping her present.

“I put a lot of heart and soul into that,” the 22-year-old can be heard telling her grandmother. At first, it looks like Frances thinks it’s just an ordinary blanket, but her family quickly prompts her to take a closer look. “Open it all the way,” they say. “Look what’s on it.”

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As Frances unravels the blanket, she suddenly recognises her late husband’s shirt.

“Is that what you wanted that shirt for?” she asks, smiling with delight.

“Now he’ll be with you and you can bring it with you to your chemo treatments and it’ll be like he’s right there with you,” Madeline can be heard telling her grandmother in the clip.

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Frances suddenly becomes overwhelmed by emotion and begins to cry, while a pooch quickly jumps on her lap to comfort her.

When Madeline uploaded the clip online, she explained: “Made my grandma a blanket with my grandpas shirt sewn on. She started chemo last week and now he can ‘wrap his arms’ around her through it all. Wasn’t a dry eye in the house.”

People quickly praised the young lady for her extremely thoughtful gesture, with one person on Twitter writing: “What a caring person you are. This is so heartwarming.”

The clip has been viewed thousands of times since being uploaded, with hundreds more liking and retweeting the video.

It’s not the only touching video in recent times that’s gone viral. In the UK, a young lady surprised her friend who was grieving for her late nana by presenting her with a Build-A-Bear that spoke in the voice of her grandmother.

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What do you think? Have you ever done anything like this for a family member or a friend? What’s the most thoughtful thing anyone has ever done for you?

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