Daughter blasted for whining about parents 'spending her inheritance'

A Mumsnet user's complained that her mother enjoys "spending my father's money" on the finer things in life. Source: Pexels

A young woman has dared to complain about her parents ‘spending her inheritance’ and has got short shrift from the internet, with users giving the entitled little miss a dressing down over her expectations that her parents should help her buy a house she can’t afford.

A Mumsnet user called Junpinline wrote that her parents were “quite wealthy” and that her father worked but her mother didn’t. “They have a large house with no mortgage, fancy holidays a few times a year, spend loads on clothes and meals and cars and socialising,” she wrote. “Recently they came into a large sum of money and are busy spending it on new furniture, redecorating, cars etc.”

Junpinline, who said she was one of three daughters, went on to complain that she bought her own house two years ago and her parents gave her only a kettle as a contribution, and that she now was trying to sell that house but was a “few thousand short for a deposit” despite saving hard.

“In the meantime they’ve just bought another new car and are going abroad next week,” she went on, before asking whether she was being unreasonable to resent them for their lack of financial assistance.

The answer she got may not have been what she was hoping for, though, with Mumsnet users heavily siding with the big-spending parents, saying that they were right to spend their own money as they wished.

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“They are not helping you because they want to be responsible for the choices you are making in life. You’ve decided to go for a house you don’t have the funds to afford, which is very different to you falling on unexpected hard time. If they start to help you with this, what’s next?” Swingofthings answered.

“My parents are well off too and enjoy the same life your parents do. I’m delighted for them because they deserve it. They worked hard, made some sacrifices to invest and now they are enjoy the fruits of their efforts.”

 “They presumably worked hard to earn the money, pay their bills and raise a family,” ItalianCortado agreed. “Now they get to damn well enjoy it.”

But Jupinline was quickly back with an answer, saying that she couldn’t afford the house she wanted to buy not because she was being excessively ambitious, but because there was an unexpected cost involved in selling her current house. “My mother has never worked a day in her life but she adores spending my dads money,” she added.

But that didn’t satisfy some users, who questioned her attitude toward her parents.

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“She may not have done paid work, but I’m assuming you and your [sisters] didn’t bring yourselves up? Cook your own meals? Clean the house? Get you to activities?” WitchesHatRim hit back.

Others, however, sympathised with Junpinline, suggesting that her parents’ failure to assist was symptomatic of a bigger family issue that she may be right to feel hurt over.

“My parents have always taken the you’re on your own attitude and I resent it,” Winebottle said. “It is not really about the money because I know they are not rich. It reminds me of them not being there for me as a child. Even just a token effort to show they are on my side would mean a lot.”

Is the Mumsnet user right to be resentful of her parents’ lack of financial assistance? Did you expect your parents to help you on to the property ladder?