Reasons people fear ageing and why you shouldn't

Growing old is a bonus, not many people get to where we are.

Some people see growing old as a privilege. Not everyone gets to live to be over-60. With the pollution levels, crime rate, global issues and not to mention daily stress, living to see our grey hair is really a bonus. If you’ve made it this far, congratulations. You’ve managed to see everything from mini skirts and go-go boots to Skype and the iPad. We live in an age where there are many people who are elderly and proud to be so.  However, there are a few reasons for that some people experience age-ophobia which might not be entirely accurate…

1. People think that ageing means sickness and chronic pain

In the end, everyone has some pain and some illness, no matter their age. While no one can completely exclude themselves from age-related illnesses and pain, living  a quality of life that reduces it drastically is possible. There are some diseases that do become more common as we age. However, getting older does not automatically mean poor health. According to research done by the National Resource Center on Nutrition, Physical Activity, and Aging, one in four older people have poor nutrition. Malnutrition can put you at risk of becoming overweight or underweight and it can also weaken your muscles and bones and leave you vulnerable to disease. That’s why proper nutrition and consistent exercise becomes necessary as we approach our middle ages. There are also food supplements which help supplement body nutrients and keep the body balanced. Many over-60s also own electrical appliances like the NutriBullet to make their favourite healthy vege-fruit blend. Yes, we are advanced.

2. Memory loss is a big worry

It’s true that we do experience some memory problems as we age because of the changes in the structure and function of our brain. Yes, this change can be frustrating, but it is still an acute overstatement to say that significant memory loss in older people is a normal part of ageing. Even younger people suffer fleeting memory loss. Fortunately, brain training and new learning can occur at any age and there are many things you can do to keep your memory sharp. Try aerobic exercises, which increase blood flow to the brain, continued learning, learning new things, taking vitamins and balanced diet.

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3. No one looks forward to wrinkles

Beauty is not the state of a person’s face or body, but how attractive the person’s life is. This is the most important but it is not to say that the state of the body is unimportant, staying beautiful is still very much important. Ageing of the face and loss of a sharp shape can be controlled reasonably. Many people are proud of their grey hair and wrinkles which represent the long live they’ve lived.

Creams and Lotions also go a long way in helping to protect and nourish skin. The improvement in research has enabled really stunning results. For instance, the life cell cream has shown great promise and results. Moisturisers contain glycerin which helps bind moisture to the skin. Exfoliant creams also help skin look younger by getting rid of dead skin cells. Who says that ageing gracefully is a myth? 

3. The myth that old people can’t learn new tricks

This particular myth is the most annoying. The brain can be charged to do what you want it to do. It may take a little more strain, but ageing is no excuse to lying around unproductive. Wang Deshun, China’s hottest grandpa has proven once and for all that you can become what you want and learn what you need to at any age. And many people who get into social golf actually go on to be really good, winning tournaments among over-60s. As long as the mind is alive, it can learn.

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4. Older people are seen as lonely

This isn’t the 1800s. With the internet and electronics, families are keeping in touch more than ever. People no longer have to walk all the way to the store to pick up mail; we’ve got Skype, FaceTime and so many more ways to communicate with our friends and family. Over-60s today are more connected than ever with millions on Facebook, and WhatsApp chat groups. And outside of the cyber world, there are plenty of activities that keep people connected and occupied – try going to the gym at 11am and you’ll only see over-60s doing Aqua Zumba!

How do you feel about ageing?