Proof true love does exist – the video that will warm your heart

Sometimes life can be a fairytale – a fairytale that can make you laugh and cry at the same time. The heart-warming story of Howard and Laura is one such tale.

Married for 73 years, Laura’s health started to fail last month and as the couple cherished their final days together it was incredibly sad but beautiful, all the more so because their granddaughter Erin Solari posted it on Facebook.

Before Howard left to fight in World War II, Laura sang “You’ll Never Know” to him, so he would never forget just how much she loved him.

It is this song that Howard chose to sing to her in return as she neared the end of her life and as he sings, he strokes her face tenderly.

In the Facebook post with the video Erin said moments before her grandmother heard that her grandfather was in the room, she asked if she could hold him.

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“Grandpa cannot stand on his own, but he immediately pulled his wheelchair close to her bed ready to make it happen,” Solari said.

In the video she tells Howard “you’re my sweetheart” and Howard responds by telling her “I love you too much”, joking he was her best-ever lover.

The tender words of love lifted Laura’s spirits so much that she rallied, and her granddaughter has since posted another photo of her enjoying an ice-cream and her new-found fame.

The video has already three-million views on Facebook and attracted more than 2000 comments.

Thanking everyone for their comments, Erin said the kind words and outpouring of love had lifted her family’s spirits.

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“We are so thankful to have this moment, and even more thankful that it has touched so many people,” she said. “I am trying not to feel a tad overwhelmed by all of this, but I just wanted to let you know that I truly thank you all!”

Do you believe in true love? Watch the video below and tell us what you think.