Princess Mary: Still headscarf free and visiting Saudi schoolgirls

Earlier this week, Princess Mary shirked convention when she refused to don a headscarf during her meeting with the Saudi

Earlier this week, Princess Mary shirked convention when she refused to don a headscarf during her meeting with the Saudi royal family.

Now Mary has continued “marching to her own drum”, visiting Saudi schoolgirls and still refusing to wear a headscarf.

The mother-of-four seemed delighted to greet Saudi schoolgirls in a local playground. Mary spent some time helping them down a slippery slide, and paused for “selfies”.

Although Princess Mary was conservatively dressed, she is yet to don a headscarf during her royal tour of Saudi Arabia, as is normally expected of women throughout the region.

Princess Mary’s boldness has previously been applauded by Starts At Sixty readers. One SASer commented, “I agree with Princess Mary. She should not have to wear a headdress”.

See the latest photos for yourself, and share your thoughts below:


School girls delighted to meet Princess Mary on Saudi Arabian tour via @Femail

Posted by Right Royal Roundup on Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Crown Princess Mary with a fan in Saudi Arabia 󾌵

Posted by Fan side for Crown Princess Mary on Tuesday, March 1, 2016

  1. As a representative of Denmark, I have to question whether Mary is “Marching to her own Drum” or following orders from the Danish office of protocol.

    • Linda Butler  

      I tend to agree with your comments Felicity Hunt. Not really certain that Princess Mary is generally allowed to be her own person , especially on this sort of visit . I believe that perhaps she wouldn’t want to be making a rather politically incorrect statement. After all she is wearing a long dress and adhering to that dress code, so why not just cover her head., what sort of signal or example are the Danish Government and Powers that Be wanting to send out.
      I am a British Ex-pat and not an extreme Royalist ,but I do admire the fact that the Queen and the Royal Family always respect the dress code of Arabic or similar countries., and are usually seen to be doing the right thing when representing UK.
      On a slightly different thought, though I am not fan of the ‘Good Old Days’, I do miss the fact that once there were unwritten standards of dress for a lot of occasions .Sadly the average young person male or female really do not consider this today. Since when does a woman think that being heavily tattooed on most limbs and other parts of her body .look in any shape or form attractive and how will she feel when she is a wrinkled, tattooed pensioner. Perhaps that’s another subject for discussion ‘Starts at 60’

    • David Roberts  

      Far more likely. Also probable that key persons in SA had agreed to this in advance.

    • Christine Sturgess  

      I believe Princess Mary is a woman who won’t walk to the beat of anyone’s drum but her own. A great example of a strong independent thinking woman for all those young school girls (and school boys).

  2. But by bucking the rules when it applies to all women isnt it rude to not do so in their country…..if it was Denmark or anywhere else fine but it makes it hard for other women who would be jailed for not following the rues… rule for one one rule for another perhaps…

    • Women jailed for not wearing a “Scarf”?. If it is a symbol of their religion, Princess Mary is not muslim.

    • I know that and you know that but it seems like she is making a point and if she was not a royal it would be an insult –

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