Prince Andrew proves he's the most "with-it" Royal

What do Prince Andrew, Beyonce, Kanye West and designer Karl Lagerfeld have in common? On the surface, not very much at all. But dig a little deeper, say, by lifting up a sleeve or asking for the time, and you’ll be surprised what you find!

Yes, that’s right, the Duke of York, arguably the most “with it” member of the Royal Family, has scored himself a gold Apple Watch.


He may not have Harry’s charm, William’s position or Charles’ adorable fuddy-duddiness, but Prince Andrew does has hit own Twitter account – and is not afraid to use it. The 55-year-old and his team tweet frequently about technology and innovation.

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Prince Andrew is is a great supporter of entrepreneurs. And, it seems, the Duke is an “early-adapter”.

He was apparently gifted the 18-carat gold Apple Watch, which is worth £12,000. This is the tweet that first gave away his new toy, although you’ll have to look pretty closely to see the watch!

The Daily Mail reports Prince Andrew was the first in the Royal family to take a selfie in April last year at an event for entrepreneurs.

The Duke of York’s office says the full list of items the Prince is gifted with will be listed, as it is every year, and will include the watch.

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Apple’s latest gadget has all the functionality of an iPhone, but on your wrist, so don’t be surprised to see Prince Andrew talking into his cuffs in the near future!

What do you think of the gadget-loving royal sporting a gold Apple watch? Would you wear one?