Could your pet be saved? Rosie’s owners have this warning for everyone who has a pet

This is Rosie, a true hero who died unnecessarily earlier this month after saving a four-year-old’s life. And now her

This is Rosie, a true hero who died unnecessarily earlier this month after saving a four-year-old’s life. And now her devastated owners have this message for all pet owners to ensure their beloved pooch or puss doesn’t meet the same fate.

ABC Melbourne reports that four-year-old dachshund Rosie stepped between a tiger snake and four-year-old Theodore Lewis, saving the boy, but getting bitten herself.

The incident occurred in the Melbourne Suburb of Donvale, less than 20 kilometres from the CBD.

Rosie’s owner told the ABC, “Our little dachshund stepped in between our son and the snake. In effect, she’s saved his life.”

Rosie quickly reacted to the bite, convulsing and vomiting, and Mr Lewis rushed her to his nearest vet, a decision that would cost Rosie her life – it turned out the vet didn’t have the anti-venom needed to save Rosie, and the distraught family was sent to their nearest Animal Emergency Centre.

But it was too late – Rosie died on the way there.

Today, Mr Lewis warned all pet owners to take just a minute to find out whether their vet had the anti-venom for snakes in their area.

He said Rosie would probably still be alive had they checked with their vet ahead of time.

“Had we known [the vet] didn’t stock anti-venom, we would have headed straight to animal emergency.”

Mr Lewis’ wife wrote about the experience on Facebook and found that many people simply assumed their vet would carry the anti-venom.

Mr Lewis urged listeners of the show to take the time to make sure, rather than assuming their pet could be saved.

“It takes a couple of minutes — call your vet,” Mr Lewis said.

Are snakes a threat in your area? Have you checked with your vet to find out if they carry the life-saving treatment in the case of a snake-bite? 

  1. So sad but what a little hero you have now crossed the rainbow bridge Rosie run free, My thoughts are with Rosie;s family .

  2. Maybe the cost of the anti venom makes is difficult for a lot of vets to have a ready supply. Sorry to hear of your little dog’s death.

    • Well they certainly make enough from patients the vet’s bill is as bad as the dentist maybe even worse.

    • Ruth Sullivan
      If you have a pet then you have to accept the costs involved. It’s not like vets can claim back through medicare……
      You can get pet insurance if you are concerned about the cost.

  3. More to the point demand that vets have the anti venom available when there are snakes in the area.

    • Why. It doesn’t have a long shelf life and can cost the vet thousands if it is not used and has to be disposed of.

  4. So sad, but what a hero is your Rosie. When the time is right you can replace Rosie not so much your grandchild.

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