People get ready, there’s a change a-coming! Here’s how to make the most of it

At 12:45pm AEST Sunday 24 January the full moon in Leo makes her grand entrance. Full moons are a time

At 12:45pm AEST Sunday 24 January the full moon in Leo makes her grand entrance. Full moons are a time when energies culminate and when things come to fruition. Heightened sensitivity, emotions and psychic abilities are all enhanced under this moon phase. Leo is a fixed fire sign that is ruled by the Sun and covers creativity, individuality, playful self-expression, love affairs, children and drama… and, just like the Sun, Leo loves to shine.

The full moon in Leo is ideal for releasing blocks to creativity and self-expression, letting go of unnecessary drama and surrendering anything that no longer serves us.

When the moon is full it illuminates and accentuates our feelings, emotions and inner self. There are many layers to this full moon, and a need to be courageous as we grow in new ways all while allowing the process of shedding and release to occur.

Change can be a daunting process for so many, yet it is essential for continued growth and development. It is through this process of change that so much more can be realised about ourselves and others. We can use our creative skills and abilities to not only create beautiful objects, but to also find creative ways to solve old problems and heal old wounds. By taking action in more fun and inspired ways we will be amazed by the difference it makes and the changes that take place more easily.

Self-worth is a common issue to arise during the full moon in Leo. Believing in oneself, feeling that we are enough or that we have the talent and ability to succeed in pursuing our dreams. Know that this is normal, yet we can use this energy more positively if we direct it towards positive self-assertion rather than being tempted by old ways and old belief systems.

Issues relating to children often arise under this moon cycle so it’s the perfect opportunity to reflect upon our inner needs and quietly converse with our inner child. For this is often the source of inner tension we experience yet also where miracle healing occurs. Honour and nourish your inner child rather that ignoring it. Play, laugh, have fun, be spontaneous and mix things up a bit.

Love and affairs of the heart also come into focus at this time. We are reminded to take pride in ourselves and in the life we have created, but must guard against allowing pride and ego to stand in the way of peaceful relationships. It is an act of far greater courage to admit when we are struggling or when we could have done something better than it is to hold on or dig our heels in about an issue. Peace comes from knowing that only love is real and being right has nothing to do with it.

Tonight put pen to paper and write down that which you wish to release from your life. Connect with the element of fire by lighting a candle and allowing the flames of the fire to purge this from your heart and mind. Fire illuminates that which we hide or suppress (fears and doubts) and reminds us that it’s never too late to start again. It is only by releasing the old that we can make way for the new. We can use this time to take inventory of our life and be mindful of where we are on our journey and what we have created.

Release the energy of control and fear and welcome the energy of love and faith, fully trusting the Universe will help us to create a new reality for our highest and greatest good.

There is an easy way to do things and a hard way, so let’s not make life so complicated. The planets are lined up for us to take that leap of faith and carry this through into every stage of our life. It’s time to find balance in our life not shut it down. As we light our own torch we shine bright and become torch bearers for others.

Sending love and blessings to you ….when you believe in yourself magic happens!

Healing affirmation: I am self-motivated and enthusiastic, there is no limit to what I can do.
Healing colours: Orange (energising / creative) and white (purifying / clarity)
Crystals: Carnelian, sunstone, selenite, clear quartz

What change would you welcome into your life right now?

  1. Susan Bell  

    Nooooooo how can you even countenance having such rubbish on this site. There is no magic, astrology is rubbish, no scientific backing, healing colours, crystals, rescue remedy etc etc such rubbish.

    • Barbara Bell  

      So Susan – what do you believe in ? What is wrong with the idea of magic / crystals / “other” powers if it helps people to become better or stronger in any way? Faith in something is better than faith in nothing – don’t be such a wowser.

      • champagne dame  

        i find it strange that so many very boring baby boomers write so negatively on this susan bell.
        i am glad that there is an article on this subject. lets have more!!

      • Susan Bell  

        And I have seen the bad side of people believing this rubbish. Trying to put rescue remedy in a babies drip, believing putting a few drops of blood on blotting paper the the practitioner sending radio waves to aid a child with head injuries instead of getting to a hospital and having x rays. The list goes on and on and on. There is no way this rubbish helps people become better, stronger, just more ignorant. And articles like this are not harmless they can and have led to many deaths because the believers eschew medical/scientific intervention. Ok read your horoscopes but do not act on them, pretend that crystals can heal then run to the doctors when they don’t. My faith is in the constant exploration, research and peer reviews on scientific basis. Open your mind but not so much that your brains fall out. And us boring baby boomers grew up in a scientific age not one of superstition and alchemy. And of course I have faith, faith in the goodness of human kind, faith in the wonderful curiosity of humans, there are no needs for gods, alchemy, magic, supernatural. Really this article is just an ad and imparts no information at all.

  2. I’ve never believed in this stuff, just a lot of baloney. Some people get a kick out of it, and it’s fairly harmless. To each their own.

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  4. Well Fred Davies its a bit of trivia and I have to read my stars each week albeit I forget what they said in 1 minute.but its fun☆im an aquarian and enjoy being a little unrealistic

  5. Robin Moore  

    Enjoyed reading article, as going thru a bad time. Have written out problem, and will burn with a candle shortly. Will give me peace, to do it. Thanks

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