Pauline Hanson’s personal fight against Domestic Abuse

Senate Candidate Pauline Hanson wants to work with Australian communities to get to the heart of the rising domestic abuse

Senate Candidate Pauline Hanson wants to work with Australian communities to get to the heart of the rising domestic abuse problem. In an interview with Sky New, Hanson said: “We need to stand up and fight against domestic violence by all means”.

While all political candidates would say similar catchy sound grabs about the topic, Pauline is painfully close to the subject. Opening up to interviewer Paul Murray, Hanson detailed the abuse that she suffered at the hands of her ex-partner during the 1980s. Hanson stated “I had nowhere to go… I walked out of that house, and he followed me and said ‘come back’ and I said ‘I can’t’ and then he threatened, he said ‘if you don’t come back into the house I will drive my car into the river, and I’ll kill myself’ and I said ‘you can’t do that, the kids are at home by themselves’ and I then had to go back into that house”.

Hanson has promised that if she is elected that she will strive to make sure that we combat the problem of domestic abuse in a way the current government hasn’t. Hanson believes that there has to be something causing the rise in abuse as she believes it wasn’t like this when she was growing up.

Opening up about her painful past may not have been easy for Hanson, but the outcome that she and many Australians that have suffered from domestic abuse want is the same as she stated: “Instead of just band-aiding it, we need to find the answers.”

What could the Australian Government do to battle the growing problem? Do you agree that it wasn’t around in the past or was it just not publically discussed?

  1. When poverty walks through the door, love flies out the window. I’m not suggesting for a moment
    that eliminating poverty stress would eliminate domestic violence, but I do say that most of the fights in our family have been about money, and how to stretch an impossibly small amount to cover
    increasingly tough living expenses.

  2. Delia  

    Everyone suffer domestic violence in some point during marriage doesn’t need to be physycal abuse verbal abuse. Partner. Looking down on you be little you or swearing at you in your face it is domestic violence. Verbal abuse is as bad as physical abuse. The abuser manipulate you and making you feel guilty that it”s your fault. The abuser doesn’t take responsibility for his action. He brainwash my daughter against me. I have move on and I am now in a happy relationship.

    • facebook_elda.quinton  

      I disagree with you there, not everyone suffers domestic violence at all. I never heard my father ever even raise his voice to my mother and my late husband was exactly the same.

  3. gush  

    This woman deserves a political cookie from you.
    And with that I mean vote.

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