Pauline Hanson could get back in parliament thanks to voting reforms

Voting reforms and a double dissolution election have put Pauline Hanson in a “seat-winning position” for the first time in

Voting reforms and a double dissolution election have put Pauline Hanson in a “seat-winning position” for the first time in more than 10 years.

A review of the senate by The Australian Institute has highlighted that the number of seats up for grabs when the whole senate is dissolved is doubled thereby halving the percentage quota required to win one. What this means is that Hanson, and other small players on the senate stage, could win just as many seats as they currently have — there are eight independents.

Predicting no less than five seats, this is good news for Pauline Hanson who says the new senate voting system will give voters more control over preferences and restrict the big parties’ capacity to do preference-swap deals to lock her out.

While she has the support of broadcaster Alan Jones, not everyone is thrilled with this news.

She’s certainly persistent.

“I keep having a go, don’t I? I keep putting my hand up,” she says.

“I think the difference this time is the voters are in control of their votes. I don’t believe I’m going to be cheated out of a seat this time in where they direct their preferences.”

Under the previous senate voting system, people could either vote below the line — numbering every box — or above the line, numbering just one. More than 90 per cent of voters usually chose the second, easier option. It meant they handed control of their preferences to the party of their first choice.

But not anymore. Those preferences won’t flow beyond candidates from the same party or group unless voters expressly order it by numbering further boxes.

Hanson says her strategy for preferences is simple.

“Liberal voters might not give me their No. 1 vote, but they might give me their No. 2,” she says. The same goes for Labor voters… and the Greens.

With such a simple plan, voters who follow her suggestion would ensure she receives their overflow preferences, and that could be enough to get her elected.

Would you like to see Pauline Hanson back in parliament? What do you think about the new senate voting system?

  1. John Cryer  

    As MCarlton said she should keep her nose out of the trough. She make a fortune out of the system last time, couldn’t string more than three words to make a sentence. Perhaps she need the $$$$. Nothing she did changed anything for the good.

    • Ted Jaeger  

      Who do you vote for then, who doesn’t have their nose in the political trough?

      • Compared to tony abbott, who wasn’t actually fluent in his press conferences with expressing himself???

    • Brian Burston  

      While the Labor Party and Liberal Party stand to get in excess of $20m each. Go One Nation!

    • Yvonne  

      I cannot understand the ignorance of some writers who have commented on here. It is remarkable that most of what Pauline Hanson stated would happen in Australia, actually has happened. Look at the influx of Muslims and boat people. Pauline Hanson tried to warn us and was branded a “racist” and basically pushed out of parliament by the major two parties that had the media in tow. When our daughters or granddaughters are all wearing a burka, and not through choice I might add, we may all think a little differently.

  2. Valerie Bush  

    Why not? If the likes of Sarah Handon Young can and she certainly does not have Australians at the forefront particularly veterans or older Australians. She and Labour want 50,000 more Islamuc refugees on welfare along with the 30,000 that came in under labour still on welfare and as surveyed recently had never worked in their homeland as well.

    • well said Valerie – Sarah hanson young is acting for her own personal agenda. If the greens, labor and liberal succeed in this upcoming election, that will a bad situation for all Australian’s. The model of Islam with it’s government, legal, military and religious components, is not a model that is designed to assimilate into the culture of the country it arrives in. It is a model designed to dominate and overpower to achieve control and take over to introduce all the aspects of the ideology’s model.

    • Maz  

      Exactly. She knows what Aussies expect & speaks on Oz behalf. Even if she doesn’t get in person. She’s taking votes from some Lying Pollies who is only there to line pockets & not give a continental about Rights Liberties or Aussie way. Onya Pauline.

  3. Paul Hoolihan  

    She should be locked up again.
    She is a serial fraudster looking for money from the Electoral Commission.

  4. Brian Mills  

    I believe that Pauline will make it. When she stood the first time she had policies of tax and banking. John Howard – the consumate politician – who was introducing the GST did not want to stand up against the feisty redhead. He branded her a racist and sooled his attck dog – Tony Abbott – onto her and she was sent to prison.

    What will Senator Hanson say to Tony Abbott?

    What goes around comes around!

  5. Jason  

    Oh no, not a woman who believes in keeping Australian values… what Aussie wants that right?

  6. i agree with pauline hanson but i will never forget that when she was leader of the federal one nation she wouldnt help anyone who didnt live in her electorate. lets see her get elected using that idea that no one else but her electorate votes for her

  7. Neta Williams  

    Well at least if she is elected she will try and keep the b……. honest. It seems not many Australians like an Australian who calls a shovel a shovel and a spade a spade. Go get them Pauline I believe you have learnt a lot from past experiences.

  8. Mason  

    i just wish people would realize she is nothing but an uneducated racist. The only people who vote for her are from the lower socioeconomic areas, have limited education or are just a plain bigot.

    • Pauline  

      Well let me tell you I’m not a racist, in fact I’m a long way from a racist. I don’t come from the “lower socioeconomic area” though I know some very well educated people who do, and I certainly don’t have a limited education, I have been highly educated. Now in saying that I didn’t vote for Pauline but I sure wouldn’t rule her out next time if she was running in my electorate. We have now and have had in the past a lot worse than her.

    • Rob  

      I have heard her speak twice. Different venues. At no time did she speak against any race or religion.l She did speak against people who came here expecting social welfare as a way of life. She also included the ones already here and was born here.. Her message loud and clear is you are welcome if you are willing to work and assimilate

      • Kelly  

        The ones that call her names and judge her are judging only by media reports. They oviously haven’t actually listened to the woman; or if they have then they’ve only listened to her seemingly ‘uneducated’ accent – not the actual words she speaks. To those of you who enjoy Pauline bashing because it’s the popular thing to do, stop being sheep and try listening with your brain and not just your ears.
        ‘Racist’, ‘uneducated’ and ‘out to make money’ – would you prefer a highly educated, narcissistic, slick politician who only has the intestinal fortitude to speak from the heart behind closed doors with no microphones around? Not me, give me a person who speaks about equality for all regardless of race; someone who believes in integration and hard hard work!

    • Michael curran  

      I’m neither low on your social scale uneducated or a bigot.Pauline Hanson could not possibly do any worse than the present crop of bludgers currently pretending to look after Australian issues.

    • Raymond  

      Mason, you are an uneducated, racist bigot, the same as Ally

    • Denise  

      wow look at the pot calling the kettle black, lower socioeconomic people only vote for her, have limited education or are a bigot. You are just a judgmental ignorant man not everyone has to agree with you to be right. By the way Islam isn’t a race it is a religion so stop with the racist rants.

    • Robyn 6  

      She is not a racist she says the truth. Men are scared that Pauline will show them up because she can see through all the crap you men dish out.

    • lurch  

      I am afraid to ask as to where you got your information about people who may vote for Pauline. I may not have a University degree in anything but please open your eyes and ears to what is really going on in the real world.

  9. Lynne Highfield  

    In what possible way can Pauline Hanson be worse than the present crop of pollies?

  10. Is someone who has spent prison time actually allowed to stand for Parliament? She is uneducated, racist and appeals to the uneducated bigots……please explain?

    • Incorrect comment  

      Actually, she was released by a higher court judge because the original decision to convict her was incorrect. I don’t support her, but your comment, although correct that she was put in jail is incorrect that the conviction was overturned and she was released with the charge removed.

      • lurch  

        Dear john and his back room cronies all pointed the finger at every one but themselves for that miscarriage of justice. The usual “do rock the boat or blow the whistle”. I seem to recall what happened to Phill Cleary when he told the press about some of the perks he would not use, then the back room boys of the major partys got together and goodbye Phill

    • Raymond  

      Ally Morgan, you sound like an uneducated, racist bigot

      • And your reasoning is, Raymond? This is a woman who campaigned against immigration from anywhere – and she is supported by Alan Jones? Please explain?

  11. ian f pryke  

    Australia’s Sarah Palin, ….. Bigoted, ignorant & dangerous….. Australians deserve better representation than this….

    • Wiso  

      So says he who is the kettle calling the pot black.. Your very comment shows that you are exactly what you say she is.

    • maszki  

      Pauline has to be compared to the other candidates who are standing for election. She may well be bigoted, ignorant and dangerous (I don’t agree with any of those descriptions) but in the probable field of candidates she stands out as an intelligent, compassionate and honest woman. If only the senate (and the House) comprised people such as Hansen, Lambie and others, we may well have a government that represents THE PEOPLE and not big business or big unions both of whom have agendas that are not in the interest of the average Australian… that is, the electorate.

    • alan fitzgerald  

      Far better Hansen who stands for real Australian values and wont cower to the Isis elements like Libs, Labor and the Greens….we want our country back!!

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