See the advice these over 60s would give their 30-year-old selves if they could

The Telegraph has a video collection of interviews with members of the UK that are over 60. Within the series,

The Telegraph has a video collection of interviews with members of the UK that are over 60.

Within the series, titled ‘Ask the over sixty’, they cover a range of topics from “what should you do at least once a day” to “what is the secret to happiness?”

It was created with the help of Age UK, one of Britain’s largest charities dedicated solely to helping everyone make the most of ageing and their later life.

In the latest episode 10 over 60 were asked, “what advice would you give your 30-year-old self?”

The answers were interesting, ranging from doing more of what they didn’t get a chance to do, to warning of future health issues.

Geoff, 78, said, “Not to take things too seriously,” while Jennifer, 69 said she would tell herself to “travel if you can, but also save” and Sue, 65, issued a health warning, “don’t smoke… Ever!”

Derek, 79 couldn’t even remember what he was doing at 30 and Ann, 69, said she didn’t have any advice because she wouldn’t change a thing!

If you could give your 30-year-old self advice, what would you tell them?

Watch the rest of their answers below:


  1. I would probably do the same things the same way except I would travel more while I was younger.

  2. I would want to say, “don’t marry Her” but she gave me wonderful kids, the treasures of my life, therefore I would have to go through it all again.

  3. stay financially independent and don’t spend too much money on your kids, and DO NOT be so readily availablr to look after the grandkids.

  4. I would not live in fairyland were my kindness is taken for stupidity. My biggest lessen in life not everyone thinks the same as me ,

  5. I say to my kids now The world is your oyster go out there and follow your dreams. And They are trying to do just that. Problem is being a third generation Australian it is Very hard to remain where you would like to live and work After 2 years you have to move to another country. So why do we allow people to come and live and work perminately in our country when we are given a time limit in theirs.

  6. Probably say don’t marry that guy but like Dave, I wouldn’t miss out on my wonderful children. I would go through all that pain again for my son and my daughter

  7. Claire Hancock  

    Put more emphasis on your own needs, and don’t be afraid to stick up for yourself.

  8. I would most likely not change anything. Oh that is a lie… Of course I would change things. I would have married my 2nd hubby first as he is the love of my life but I wouldn’t have my three lovely daughters if I hadn’t married the 1st. Life is good

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