Our Community Cares: I was deleted by my granddaughter for being too caring

This week Tonia wrote in, asking for some community advice…

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I have just been unfriended by my granddaughter. Just how far is it acceptable to go when our grandchildren are involved? A photo of my great grandie sitting on the beach in the hot sun was posted to Facebook. That is beautiful, however, he didn’t have a hat on and I carefully said he should have a hat on in the hot sun.

That’s what started it, and because I was believed to be “telling my granddaughter how to be a mother”, I got deleted. I don’t think I overstepped the line but I would like to know what other grandmothers think. This is not the first time she has deleted me and I would like to know how far others would go giving their opinion in cases like this“.


Can you help Tonia? What would you do in this situation and how would you rectify it? Share your answers below.