Organising your flat-pack spares and tools

When was the last time that you put some flat-pack furniture together? Did it cause any swearing or arguments?

Flat-pack furniture is an excellent way to update the furniture in your house while not blowing the budget. The reason they can keep the price down, of course, is the self-assembly aspect of it.

Once you have opened the box, pulled all the pieces out, and made heads of tails of the instructions assembling flat-pack furniture is usually a straightforward exercise. After assembly, and a well-earned cuppa or bubbly beverage, it might be the habit to place the tools that came with the flat-pack into your toolbox. It makes sense, but if you have a lot of them, it could get confusing as to which tool goes with which bit of furniture. Here are few tips to keep yourself organised and not cursing out your past self for not being more organised.

Tape it to the furniture
After collecting any spare pieces put them in a zip lock bag with the tool that came with the set. Once collected tape the back to the bottom or back; this means that the spare pieces or tools are always within reach when any repairs are needed.

File it
Collect all the extra pieces and tools as before but this time, write the name of the piece of furniture on the bag and put it in a pre-organised location. This place could be a file in your file cabinet, tin in the shed, or any other location that you are going to remember.

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Flat-pack fishing
Tackle boxes are an amazing way to not only organise your fishing tackle but can be used to classify your flat-spares. Separating all the nails, screws, and other items into the separate compartments is easy but when it comes to the tool make a simple label with masking tape and write the name of the piece of furniture it belongs too.

It is scientifically proven, without any scientist involved, that doing any of these options will cause you fewer headaches when you need the pieces again. Warning: Any bragging about how well organised you are with your flat-pack items may result in more flat-pack itemsĀ purchased.

Do you enjoy putting together flat-pack furniture? Do you have any hardware organising tips to share?