One small change that can help you and the world

If you’re like me, when you get up everyday, you shower, put on something nice, do your hair, wear a tiny bit of makeup and maybe even spritz on some perfume. It’s a little routine I do every day and I have for years.

I try to help to make the world a happy place by only using cosmetics that aren’t tested on animals – I know it isn’t a big contribution but I’d prefer to do something rather than nothing!

Something I did recently learn was that I could be helping to make the world a happier place by changing one thing in my morning routine… Wearing sustainable clothing. It sounds a little funny, but it is actually something that makes a big difference.

Sustainable clothing is clothing that is produced in a way that leaves as little social, economic and environment damage as possible. And, one of the most sustainable materials that can be used in clothing is actually bamboo. Not the cotton we wear everyday, not the overpriced polyester we see hanging in the stores. Just plain and simple, bamboo.

Bamboo is sustainable for a few different reasons. It uses far less water than cotton – 1kg of cotton uses 20,000 litres of water, enough to fill 80,000 glasses! It takes in almost five times the amount of greenhouse gasses that cotton does and better more, it produces 35% more oxygen for an equivalent stand of trees.

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Bamboo products are often biodegradable and fully recyclable and many rural communities rely on bamboo agriculture for work so you know wearing bamboo clothing makes a difference to someone’s life somewhere. And, in great news for us, bamboo clothing is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-microbial and is odour-resistant!

Basically, wearing bamboo clothing is good for the environment, good socially, good economically and it is great for us too. The problem right now is that people hoping to make clothes from bamboo don’t have the resources they need to get started. Because the cotton industry is so developed and can run as efficiently as possible, it is hard for people wanting to make a difference to get started with bamboo clothing.

So, one person has decided to do something about it and start to make a difference. Bamboo Monkey is a clothing brand started by Edwina Walsh and to get it up and running properly, she needs your help through a crowdfunding campaign.

To find out more and to help to make a difference, click here.

The more little changes we can make in our everyday life, the bigger the difference. So tell us, what little choices do you make to help the world?