OMG it’s official: the English language is totes dead

Call me a pedant or a stickler, but this is just ridiculous. For years we’ve put up with silly portmanteaus

Call me a pedant or a stickler, but this is just ridiculous. For years we’ve put up with silly portmanteaus like “man-boobs” and acronyms like LOL being added to that most esteemed tome, The Oxford Dictionary, but it seems the English language has not officially deteriorated so far that symbols will do instead.

Time magazine reports that Oxford Dictionaries have made history  by announcing that this year’s “Word of the Year” will not be an actual word.

Instead, it will be this:


Yes, that’s right, it’s the “crying with laughter” emoji.

The official word from Oxford is that: “Although emoji have been a staple of texting teens for some time, emoji culture exploded into the global mainstream over the past year. Emoji have come to embody a core aspect of living in a digital world that is visually driven, emotionally expressive, and obsessively immediate.”

The “face with tears of joy”, “LOL” or “laughing” emoji is the most popular of the little icons that have been since at least 1997, but have become popular in recent years with grown ups who should know better. It apparently comprises 20 per cent of all emojis used in the US and UK.

We’re fairly sure that this is exactly the sort of language up with which Winston Churchill would not have put, but it is certainly a sign of the times.

What do you think? Is it ok for the 2015 word of the year to be an emoji? Are you a fan or not?


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  2. Not for me, I have always loathed cartoons & these characters I find stupid – I will never participate, text,etc., – my family know it’s useless trying to explain things to me so I’m happily stuck where I am!

  3. Perhaps Oxford Dictionary people should look up what the definition of “word” is. Sounds odd to me.

  4. Language is constantly evolving ,were we to try to read ,say the work of Shakespeare in his original hand we would find it hard going ,just as those 4/5 hundred years from now will look at ours and feel the same

  5. Has Microsoft bought the Oxford Dictionary? Time to boycott that publication meethinks.

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