Not a Good Friday for Coles and Woolies as shoppers slam them on social media

Across Australia today, most supermarkets are closed. This is not unusual, and they do it every year. That hasn’t stopped

Across Australia today, most supermarkets are closed. This is not unusual, and they do it every year. That hasn’t stopped angry customers, however, taking to Facebook to express their disgust at a myriad of issues ranging from cockroaches in hot cross buns, to opening hours.

Coles and Woolworths could not catch a break today, and there was no chance for a peaceful holiday! Some of the posts on their Facebook pages:

Preparing a cheesy lunch on a ‘good Friday’. Purchased this batch of Liddells lactose free cheese from Round Corner -…

Posted by Amy Sirianni on Thursday, 24 March 2016

Hey Woolworths, why is there a big banner on your website that says OPEN THIS LONG WEEKEND when my nearest stores are closed today and Sunday?

Posted by Alan Pheasant on Thursday, 24 March 2016

My Woolies mini hot cross buns with fruit. Purchased at Murray Bridge. Almost 2 sultanas per bun. Not enough fruit Woolies 󾰬

Posted by Lisa Rizzo on Thursday, 24 March 2016

Very sad 6 year old given egg with cockroach in the packet!

Posted by Sarah Liversidge on Thursday, 24 March 2016

Love how Port Melbourne store has a sign up saying they are shut today. Oh wait, there isn’t one. Another year another fail by Coles. I’m sick of having to deal with it.

Posted by Jacki Fisher on Thursday, 24 March 2016

Tell us, were you disappointed today by supermarkets? Or were you prepared earlier?

  1. jean  

    I’m ALWAYS disappointed with our supermarkets – not about when they open – but with choice, variety, quality and price. We are the most expensive country in the world when it comes to food for no good reason and there is no competition to speak of and the big two rule the roost and don’t give a fig. Anyone who has shopped in English, European or American supermarkets will probably know what I’m talking about.

    • Try some of the smaller outlets if you want something different. There are lots of delis, butchers and fruit shops that sell fantastic fresh produce. Buying everything at the supermarket and then complaining is silly.

    • Yes, and I’d like to know why four N.Z. LAMB CHOPS cost only 104 baht ($1.N.Z.) in Thailand, yet around $10 in N.Z.
      And CAULIFLOWERS $10 each at the moment, yes, just for one!!!
      I’m allergic to gluten and so my BREAD for one small loaf is $7.19 to $11.20 depending where I buy it.
      N.Z.’s are ripped off when it comes to food.

  2. Rob Ozanne  

    Glad to say I shop at neither Coles or Woolworths, sooner pay a couple of cents more at IGA

    • I feel the same ,IGA is my choice always helpful and deliver on time .Thank You

    • Marlene Read  

      Me too, Rob. I do not like the fact that many brands I love are unavailable at Coles due to their home brand policy. It’s IGA for me!!

    • John Brants  

      I prefer to pay many Dollars less at Aldi.

  3. The shops close for one day and the world is ending? Get a grip, people. To the lady complaining about the fruit in her hot cross buns, buy them from a local baker – dearer but better quality. To the lady with the cockroach, eggs are given on Sunday. To the lady complaining about no Coles, how far is your next nearest? I live in a town with a foodworks that would fit in a city supermarket 6 times over. The big 3 are over 70ks away, not that I bother with them.
    Have the complainers worked in retail? Never getting a long weekend, let alone a 4 day Easter break, and having to work Boxing Day? It annoys me when people expect shops to always be open. Shop assistants are human too.

    • Shaza  

      Well said. What is Good Friday about? The death of Jesus, sorry, it seems to about not being able to SHOP. Poor people out there, get a life.

    • you have just said every thing I was thinking, I go to town on the bus once a fortnight get what i need so not worried about the poor people having a holiday 2or 3 days a year my advice to all you whingers organise your shopping trips

    • Beverley A. Murphy  

      Love your reply. I feel we expect too much from our ‘super’ markets. Buy local and try the small businesses…I do 😉

    • Shirley shaw  

      I have lived and holiday in uk and the groceries are not cheaper and not much in variety most of the produce is from Europe or America. We should be grateful for what is available to us in Australia and remember we have a choice to buy or not. And yes i work in retail.

  4. J Jones  

    After living In the UK for the past five years and enjoying the large choice of supermarkets I am not looking forward to shopping back In Australia. The supermarkets are open on Good Friday, Saturday and Easter Monday and there Is so much choice of food. I am In Wigan at the moment and I have the choice of six different Supermarkets to shop In.

    • roy bridges  

      U.K. Supermarkets hopeless ,out of stock and dirty oz has best supermarkets in world.

    • It’s obvious you haven’t worked in a supermarket. Just how many hour do you need to shop. What a selfish attitude. I have nothing but praise for supermarket workers who have to put up with constant whinging from customers. Do you complain that banks, offices, and post offices aren’t open all day every day.

      • Yvonne Wiggins  

        Just came home from a month in UK and what an amazing range of products in their supermarkets, not restricted to supermarket brands which is what seems to be the trend with Woolies and Coles in Australia. My local IGA has such a great choice and I too would rather pay a few cents more. I don’t know what the uproar is over closing for a day…… there not more important things to be thinking about.

  5. Sally Tyson  

    I expect Supermarkets to be closed on Good Friday and Christmas Day. What I don’t expect, both Coles and Woolies, is to have run out of stock, tired overworked staff (never enough anyway) and messy stores on Maundy Thursday. Out of date dairy at Woolies seems worse at Easter with no other fresh stock. I always plan ahead, but for some that is impossible and those poor sods are left with substandard products. No staff in any service industry would have a job without customers !!!!! Pick up your game Coles and Woolies if you want to keep your jobs.

    • The reason the shops are so bad on Thursday is because people panic about not being able to shop for one day! Many years ago I worked in a country store that closed Thurday afternoon and reopened Tuesday. It was understandable that people stocked up then, but the supermarkets are still just as busy on Thursday as they were back then. I realise people go camping but how many actually camp so far away from shops that they can’t get to one, or do they not want to pay country prices?
      Just another sad sign of the way society has changed.

  6. roy bridges  

    Happy with both Coles and Woolies compare with other places we have the best.

    • Never happens to me at Coles. There hot cross buns are filled with fruit. As for being shut for a couple of days…..why not? We have ALWAYS been shut on these days so whats the big deal.

  7. I do not usually support coles or woolies, but get a grip. they are closed for 2 lousy days. I hope their employees enjoy them. they should be closed for 3 days to give their staff an opportunity to get away. peopl stop thinking only about yourselves

    • Gerda Vellinga  

      I agree with Julie. Get a grip. Supermarkets are open 7 days a week, often more than 12 hours a day. Let them be closed on Good Friday and Christmas. People working there also have family they may want to spend time with.
      In fact, I’m all for closing shops again on Sundays. Bring back a family day!!!!

  8. Barrie Sadler  

    It is a fallacy that Australian supermarkets are more expensive than UK and Europe. Supermarkets in Spain are similar in price,BUT there are loads of markets that are much cheaper. France is definitely more expensive their markets are also expensive. In the UK it depends where you shop and where you live.My son in South Wales lives in a small town with a 24 hour Tesco,Morrisons,Lidl,Aldi, M&S. Massive choice good prices.We used to live on the south coast of England with just a Morrisons,quite expensive!!
    We find Aldi & Harris Farms suit us,but there are certain things Coles/ Woolies stock. Independent bakers,butchers,fishmongers are best too

  9. Jenny  

    Can we all get a grip PLEASE. I know people who work at Woolies and they get Good Friday and Xmas Day off but are due back at work at 7.00 am both days. They have family’s and can’t spend time with them on these holidays. Surely people can live without shopping for 24 hours just plan ahead like the rest of the country does. Due to cost cutting there isn’t enough staff to refill the shelves and yes there are limited delivery’s over these times this is not the fault of the staff. So please think about those who are just trying to their jobs and support their family’s…..Oh and by the way they will work Sunday, Monday and Boxing Day which are classed as Public Holidays but there are some of them who don’t get paid penalty rates as it is part of their “package”. SO SUPERMARKETS CLOSED FOR 2 DAYS A YEAR BIG DEAL GET OVER IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Theo Gard  

      Jenny so agree with you! And also think that Starts at Sixty banner headline is totally misleading!

  10. Kym  

    Seriously its Easter. Why would you want people to leave their families to sell you food. If you cant shop and plan prior you deserve to stave. People are so helpless these days.

  11. graham  

    fair dinkum,can’t live without shops for a day,but I bet you’re having a long weekend!!!!!

  12. Gail  

    I can’t believe there are so many complaints about the supermarkets not opening for 2 of the 4 days. I remember when shops closed for the entire holiday breaks and we didn’t have the same size fridges and freezers. The shops are open until 9 most nights. It’s probably the same people who complain about the cost of groceries and expect the poor shop assistants to work for nothing.

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