The simplicity of 1940s makeup

When weΒ were growing up, a well-presented woman would never leave the house without lipstick and a bit of powder on.

When weΒ were growing up, a well-presented woman would never leave the house without lipstick and a bit of powder on. Nowadays, there are so many beauty techniques and makeup supplies that you can hardly keep up.

However back in the 1940s, it was much more simple. There was no contouring or ‘waterlining’ or even lip plumping gloss. There was just simple, natural beauty and products to complement that.

Tonight let’s take a look back at the 1940s in this awesome tutorial video.

The instructor speaks in a very clear voice and explains how one must look.

First, she shows the viewer how to remove makeup, which is stark in comparison to what we do currently. Nowadays we would use a face wipe or makeup remover, but in the 40s, a woman would pin up her hair and cover it with a towel, then use a cold cream all over and wipe off with a tissue. She would then use an astringent or another type of moisturiser to keep her skin fresh and oil free.

Some women also used Vanishing Cream – do you remember that product? The demonstrator shows how to apply the powder, and then ‘rouge’ which we would commonly call blush today.

Another interesting tip from the instructor is to match your lipstick to your nails, then apply a powder on top of all of your makeup.

Next it was all about your face and how hair and makeup can contribute to your appearance – how things have changed! It’s doubtful that many women highly consider the type of face they have in correlation to their hairstyle and makeup, but you have to admit she makes a great point!

Take a look below and tell us, do you think girls of today could learn a lot from this video?


  1. Never realised that make up was so complicated nowadays. So glad I have stuck to tried and proven techniques.

  2. Pancake makeup . Nice lipstick! What more do you need? That was my era! X

  3. I still don’t leave the house without lipstick πŸ™‚

  4. Anonymous  

    Corinne Murray

  5. My daughter loves vintage and has attended classes to learn how to apply 1940s/1950s makeup. She looks lovely when she does it.

    • A romantic time and look, incredible clothes, looking at photos of mum she looked beautiful, I never saw her otherwise even casual she looked great and I was bewitched, she even used a wee daub of Vaseline on her fingers tips to smooth her eyebrows. Lol I could watch her for hours. Must be nice to see your daughter enjoying that era.

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