Remembering fashion styles of the 60s

Ah the 60s: a pioneering time for fashion. A time when we slowly but surely chipped away at the status

Ah the 60s: a pioneering time for fashion. A time when we slowly but surely chipped away at the status quo and embraced unique style. Some features are creeping back into fashion now, but it isn’t the same as the dresses that Mum used to make.

The typical daytime style was bulbous hats, rounded jackets that tapered at the hem, silhouettes with deep armholes and of course the mini hemlines. Evening was all about the long-waisted dresses, overblouses, fitted waistlines and full skirts.

The bright and psychedelic colours, the crazy patterns and those daringly high hem lines… Let’s reminisce on what our dresses used to be like.


  • A-line skirts with cinched waist

The tight a-line dresses were a staple, with or without sleeves they were the perfect mix of elegance and everyday. The silhouette came in at the waist and out again finishing just beyond the knee.




  • Shift dresses

Elegant and simple shift dresses inspired by Jacqueline Kennedy were all the rage in the early 60s. Of course these were paired with pillbox hats, short jackets and over-sized buttons.







  • Full skirted evening gowns

Evening wear was elegant, full-skirted gowns with a low décolletage and a tight waist. The silhouette became more fitting but without accentuating curves with wider shoulders to accentuate the bosom.




  • The mini dress

In 1967 I remember the world falling in love with legs! Although our mothers may not have liked it, the dresses we wore rose above the knee and showed off our legs, often accentuated by coloured or patterned pantyhose and knee high boots.




  • The sleeveless shift

The sleeveless shift was often very short as well, in fact some resembled shirts more than they did dresses. But, they were super groovy paired with tall white boots and thick eyeliner. The waist line was very lose, with more of a box shape to it.

What was your favourite outfit from the 60’s?

    • I had several pairs of those, luckily we were allowed to wear them in the office as most of us “trendy” girls did!

    • Trish  

      I got asked politely by the Boss to go home + change as the boys were perving on me in my Mini – needless to say I never went back. Thank goodness jobs were plentiful back then 😜

  1. I loved my ultra short mini skirts and I had a pair of suede short short hot pants that laced up down the sides that I would wear with boots. Today I would be more than pleased just to be the size I was back then!

  2. REALLY short skirts and huge flares! Huge hair with the help of hair pieces. Lots of black eyeliner and false eyelashes. Love looking back at the photos.

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